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Mushroom And Cream Cheese Burgers by Katie
March 3, 2010, 11:26 pm
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It was just your standard day over here-

Oats for breakfast (1/4 c oats + 1/2 banana + 3/4 c unsweetened vanilla almond milk + handful of frozen blubies + coconut + PB blob)


Leftovers for lunch- beans, peppers, potatoes, brown rice.  Topped with guac and salsa come lunchtime.


Lunch and snacks- I actually didn’t eat my snacks cause someone so graciously placed a bag of Smartfood right next to me.  Needless to say, I ate at least a serving or two.


The weather has been unbelievable and perfecto for running.  Heather asked why we exercise today and I thought about how my reasons for exercising have varied over the years.  I’ve viewed running as a way to get in shape for sports, a way to keep myself relaxed and sane, and as a way to burn calories, sometimes one reason greatly outweighing the others.  Head over to Heather’s Dish to dish about why you exercise.

Along the same vein, training for the marathon has been changing the way I think of running.  I’m all about my pace and heart rate and rarely look at calories.  I’m thinking of food as fuel more than anything else, which is leading to some of the most balanced eating I’ve ever done.  For example, after a run, I think about what I should eat for my body. Not what I should (or shouldn’t) eat for weight-loss; not what would immediately taste delicious (aka French fries and ice cream).  I eat when I’m hungry and try to eat something balanced cause half of the time, I’m going to run within a few hours or I just ran.  Have your views of food ever varied due to training, or maybe due to something like pregnancy?  I’d think that would be another time in life that the food quality would really be front and center.

Speaking of running, today was a 30 minute run, and I went with negative splits.

  • Mile 1– 9:55
  • Mile 2– 9:48
  • Mile 3– 9:34
  • Last 0.2– 8:19 (I have the need for speed)

Tangent off. 😉

After my run, I drank a green monster (bunch of spinach + vanilla almond milk + 1/2 a frozen banana) and caught up on my Tweets.  The important things.


The last time Kelli visited (last MAY?!), I ate a mushroom-cream cheese burger that was to die for.  I’m sort of embarrassed to say that this burger has been on my mind since then and this was my first attempt to recreate it.  A girl can dream [about food] for 9 months right?


I started sauteeing a bit of onion and garlic in olive oil, and then added about a cup of these frozen mixed mushrooms + 2 fresh button mushrooms.  I added a splash of soy sauce and then remembered Kelli’s burger- and added some steak sauce! I added probably 1 Tbsp of each.  After the shrooms were good and cooked, I tossed them into the food processor with 1 TBSP of cream cheese and a few crackers.


I sprinkled in a teeny bit of this gouda.  Lots of grocery stores have these mini cheese samples, and are perfect for sampling, especially when you cook for one.


After grinding it all together, I made a patty and fried it in a bit of butter.  Meanwhile, there was some garlic broccoli cooking (olive oil, garlic, and broc until it’s bright green).


The finished product, with a couple goat cheese crumbles.  Looks close to a real burger, no?


The insides- even more beef-like.


Huhg jass pile of broccoli.


And the sweet potato fries that inspired it all.  Thought process- I want sweet tater fries, what goes with fries? Burger! I have no meat. Mushrooms!


Now, I’m going to relax with a GS Cookie (Samoa) or two and some Malbec. 🙂

Baby Bay Scallops by Kelli
March 3, 2010, 8:04 pm
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Hey all! I hope you had a happy hump day! Mine was crazy busy and ended with an hour long conversation on the phone trying to convince someone that I was right and they were wrong. GRR. I won in the end 🙂 woo woo!

Before the argument I enjoyed the exact same lunch as yesterday!  I added some avocado and Laughing Cow cheese.  AMAZING.

After work I came home to make some scallop bean burgers! I combined the following in the food processor:

  • 1 can organic red kidney beans
  • 1.5 cups baby bay scallops
  • 5-6 whole wheat crushed crackers
  • 2 Tbsp A1 steak sauce

I whipped all the ingredients into submission before forming them into patties.

The patty’s of bean and scallop

The sprouts to be roasted

The creepster enjoying a glass of chilled white wine while dinner was cooking.

I baked everything at 375* for 25 minutes.

The finished product. I put one of the patty’s on some whole wheat bread with avocado and laughing cow cheese. OMG taste explosion in my mouth. The taste was awesome. I think the A1 really pulled it all together.

For dessert I enjoyed some fudge tracks ice cream with 2 cherries 🙂 I heart cherries.

I am off to have a nice relaxing evening with the hubby 🙂

Playlist: Runner Style by Katie
March 3, 2010, 11:00 am
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I’ve been working on my running form and gait to hopefully avoid injuries.  One thing in particular is taking shorter strides rather than sprint-like strides I picked up in soccer running.  Plus, this is helping me not heel-strike so much.  All of this leads me to my music choices: really quick tempos.

Here’s what’s currently on my running list.  And if you don’t like techno… sorry in advance!

What kind of music do you like to work out to?  Any suggestions? 😀 With an upcoming marathon, I’m all for adding variety and new songs.

Oats Oats Oats! by Kelli
March 3, 2010, 7:12 am
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Hey all. Man, I had the HARDEST time falling asleep last night. I thought running 4 miles would tire me out, apparently not! I was tossing and turning until almost 12:30. I got up a few times and did the dishes, did some laundry, and finally made a bowl of overnight oats:

  • 1/2 cup oats
  • 1/2 cup Kashi Go Lean
  • frozen mixed berries
  • Blueberry Oiko’s
  • 1/4 cup strawberry Kefir
  • 1/4 cup soy milk

This morning I nuked it and topped the bowl with fresh strawberries and a few walnuts. Delish 🙂 It was way too big though and unfortunately I couldn’t eat the whole thing.

Some of your were asking about the protein powder I use yesterday.

I use Whole Foods vanilla soy protein powder and it is pretty good. The vanilla does not have a weird after taste, and the consistency mixes easily. As soon as this container is done though, I plan on experimenting with some other brands that I have seen out there in blog world 🙂

So remember how it was 50* yesterday? Well I woke up this morning to SNOW! GRR! NEW ENGLAND WEATHER FRUSTRATES ME! Hopefully its the LAST snow (maybe?).

Well I am off to make some chai tea and get ready for work. Tonight’s dinner is going to be scallop and bean burgers 🙂 Get excited!!!