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Hockey, Beer, and Sushi by Katie
March 2, 2010, 12:28 am
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This morning seems ages and ages ago.  Friday night feels like it was weeks ago but the weekend flew by overall.  Isn’t time funny that way? Was your weekend slow and relaxing or did it go by way too fast?

Sunday afternoon involved hockey game watching of course!  And beers.  Because when you go to a bar at 1 PM, what else would you do?  Colorado bars always have an impressive beer selection on draught.


I tried the newest New Belgium addition- an IPA.  An IPA is very hoppy (lots of floral/earthy smell and a distinct bitterness) and while I enjoy tasting them, they are not the type of beer you can drink all night- not that I ever do that ;).


However, New Belgium is rarely disappointing so I decided to try the Ranger IPA.

Thought #1: WOW this smells so good, lots of hops though!

Thought #2: Hmm this isn’t overwhelming at all, well balanced.

Thought #3: Loving the lack of a really bitter aftertaste that most IPAs have!


Overall impression- this was probably one of the most drinkable IPAs I have tried.

There were also some nachos split among us but no picture documentation.  My appetite has been so strange lately.  I’m either starving every single hour or I go for wayyyy longer than usual with no desire for food.

After the hockey game (congrats Canada), I fell asleep for a little.  Thanks, beer and nachos, thanks :-P.  John and I made a late dinner, I enjoyed an egg sammie with spinach.


Yellow plate, yellow eggies, yellow lighting.  Sleep!

On the go this AM, I ate another eggy delight: WF breakkie burrito of the veggie sausage variety. SO GOOD.  This lasted as long as possible, I ate little bites.


Lunch was also out and about, at Noodles & Co. but no picture!  I’ve been the worst at remembering my camera lately!!

Yet again, dinner was out too.  It was the kick-off of the local restaurant week AND a friend’s birthday.  How was I NOT to go out?  To start, I shared a vegetable roll + 1/2.


For my main course, I had two sushi rolls: Philly and Scallion Yellowtail.  The tempura roll that looks insanely good was actually not mine, but I snagged a bite- ahhhhmazing.



The Philly roll is hated on all too often but the cream cheese + avocado really balance well with the huge amounts of wasabi I add.

Last but not least, a chocolate martini.  For weeks, my roomie + boyfriend + me as the third wheel have been enjoying Monday martini night at the Chocolate Cafe.  Well guess what? They’ve been perfected in-apartment and are delish.


Oh oh, back the bus up, there was a run and a lift sesh today!  Once upon a time, when I played soccer, I had the nickname “Speedy McMetzy”due to ridic mile paces and my love of sprinting (I still love sprints, this marathon pace is hard for me).  The first week running with Garmy was quite a shock, since I somehow I thought I was still running around an 8:00 minute mile pace.  Well today, something was going on in my legs (no ‘roids, I promise):

  • Mile 1- 8:30
  • Mile 2- 8:24
  • Mile 3- 8:20
  • Rest of the 30 minutes- 9:05 (up a hill)

It was shocking! The weirdest part was my heart rate barely differed from my heart rate on Saturday.  However, this was 3 miles versus 10 miles, and I would put money on the fact that after a few more miles at this pace, my hear rate would start to rise.  But hey, it was fun while it lasted.  AND negative splits.

Alright, that’s it from me!  Night bleople (blog people?).

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i want sushi more than i can possibly describe…and the weekend went by WAY TOO FAST, as it always does! 🙂

Comment by Heather

Maybe you should come to Philly for a legit Philly Roll! 🙂

Comment by Steph

Ummm I wish!!!

Comment by Katie@ Two Lives, One Lifestyle

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