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Black Bean Potato Skillet by Katie
March 2, 2010, 10:42 pm
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Breakfast was an old standby- spinach and such with eggs + laughing cow.  Can’t forget the perfect complements of ketchup and toast with Heather’s Strawbs jam.


After an amazingly productive morning (withOUT coffee for the first time in weeks- no headache either!), I was about to pull out some pasta but I was tempted with an invite to Choice City Deli.  Only my favorite lunch option in the FoCo.  The walk there is about 15 minutes and the day was perfect for a nice long walk-  50’s and sunshine! All I could think about was running later.

Unfortunately, there is no picture of lunch- but it would be well-worth recreating at home.  Portobella mushroom + grilled pineapple + artichokes + teriyaki sauce + provolone.

The run was on a recreational paved trail, with some diversions onto the dirt paths where it wasn’t too muddy.


Look ma, no heels!  All the dirtiness is concentrated on the frontal areas, which my calves are really noticing.  My pace today was much more in line with marathon training- ~10:15 for the whole thing, with HR under 170.

I ate some PB toast while I started prepping dinner- black bean potato skillet (2-3 portions).

First, I started making brown rice since it takes forever and a day.  Meanwhile, I chopped fingerling potatoes and tossed them into a pan with a touch of olive oil.  I let those cook over medium while I chopped half of each pepper and a onion quarter



I ended up letting the veggies sautee for about 10 minutes and adding in half a chopped tomato too.



I found these local beans at the grocery store tonight and based my dinner around them.


After the veggies were a bit softened, I added the black beans.  I drained off most of the liquid and then rinsed the can with water, adding that back to the pan.  I turned down the heat and let it all simmer away while the rice finished.


Final product- brown rice, topped with bean, potato, veggie mixture, topped with salsa, topped with guac, topped with a spoonful of Greek yogurt!


Kinda like my own personal Chipotle bowl.  Which, it just so happens, was what I had in mind before I hit up the grocery store.

Oh, and guess who was cleverly planted outside of the grocery store??  Girl Scouts!  Um, does anyone else not like thin mints, cause I have yet to find anyone else.  I’ll take a somoa please or a lemon whatever it’s called now, x2.


The night is young, so my willpower will be battling these once-a-year yummies for awhile longer.

What’s your favorite GS cookie?? It’s fine if it’s a 3 way tie ;).

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Katie, I don’t really like thin mints either. I love the samoa/caramel delights and teh chocolate peanut butter ones…tag-a-longs i think? Yummmmm.

Comment by Madelyn

Katie, you are crazy for not liking thin mints. I don’t think we can be friends anymore 🙂

Comment by Kelli

I like thin mints but would much rather have Samoas or Tagalongs (both of which have been renamed apparently? It makes me feel old.)

I love Choice City’s breakfast – so good. They have fried green tomatoes!

Comment by Graze With Me

Love the past! Love thin mints…choco + mint = heaven. I also LOVE samoas..mmmm

Comment by Ashley

*post not past 😉

Comment by Ashley

Samoas are the BEST. Like nothing better. That is why I don’t have cash on me when I go into grocery stores. Can’t handle the temptation!

Comment by Beth @fatbustermack

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