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Long Runs and Zengo by Katie
February 28, 2010, 2:02 pm
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This weekend went flying by!  I left off on Friday and didn’t post all yesterday.  It was a nice little mini break from the blog world.  I’ve been reading so many moving posts in honor of NEDA week and hope to post about all the thoughts going on in my head soon.  For now- the blog world is amazing.

Dinner Friday night was veggie pizza at John’s parents.  It was also lunch on Saturday, and possibly dinner tonight.  Over-order anyone?


Early to bed and early to rise for an hour and a half run on Saturday morning.


I’m really surprised that I am so comfortable at a 9:30 pace.  I can chat and my muscles aren’t sore the following day, which are two good signs!  The past two weeks, I’ve run with the same woman, who keeps an excellent consistent pace.  This run was on a mostly dirt trail (my knees say “YAYYYYY”) with some icy/snowy patches that slowed us down here and there.

  • Mile 1- 9:35
  • Mile 2- 9:25
  • Mile 3- 9:22
  • Mile 4- 9:29
  • Mile 5- 9:28
  • Mile 6- 9:37
  • Mile 7- 9:33
  • Mile 8- 9:23
  • Mile 9- 9:35
  • Last 0.75 miles- 9:36

During the last 15 minutes, I was ready to be done.  I’m thinking since my pre-run snack is small (toast and PB), around an hour might be where I need a boost- electrolytes, goo, raisins, something. I’ll be trying out some different brands to see what my stomach likes.


Post-run, I iced and elevated and then wrapped my legs in an ace bandage a bit later.  They were feeling achy all over- no major pain, but I think having to get in the car for awhile after running caused a little swelling.


After an hour of elevating and snoozing. I felt great! Just in time for dinner with friends.  Oh I sort of skipped most of the day there- I didn’t take pictures but had some leftover pizza, a bowl of granola, almonds, orange juice, a Kind bar… so running makes me hungry!

Before our 8:30 dinner reservations at Zengo, we all sampled this beer- wow, very espresso-y and oak-y! It would have been better as a dessert beer, but I liked it! It was super dark, almost black, with a foamy head that looked like hot chocolate.


Some wine was also opened and sampled.  This had a very recognizable blackberry flavor but the general body wasn’t very sweet.  Everyone enjoyed it (more so than the beer I think).


For dinner, we had reservations at Zengo, a Latin-Asian fusion restaurant featured for 5280 Restaurant Week.  I didn’t take any pictures (I left my batteries in the charger :()!   My first course was an Angry Zengo roll– I really need to eat sushi more, I love it so.  It was spicy and delicious.  My second course was salmon which had this warm bacon sauce over the potatoes and broccolini- the best part (the bacon sauce, not the broc)!!  Lastly, I had a chocolate mousse cake for dessert that was VERY rich.  It was good, but I probably wouldn’t order it again.

This morning, I slept in a little and then made a filling bowl of oats.  I’m going to get some things done and then meet-up with my uncle to watch the Canada vs. USA hockey game!



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Looks like quite a nice long run! I like the Clif Mocha shots, they are pretty tasty from what I remember. Restaurant weeks are awesome! You get a great sampling for a lower price. I can’t wait until our restaurant week comes up again.

Comment by schacalieu

Good to know.. the guy at the store said they are the consistency of frosting, which seems a little gross to be eating mid-run but I’ll try it!

Comment by Katie@ Two Lives, One Lifestyle

Congrats on the long run!!!!! 🙂

Comment by Lauren @ BIOCHEMISTA

Yay! Great job on the long run! That’s an impressive pace!

Comment by Beth @fatbustermack

Wow, good job on the run!

Comment by Christie @ Honoring Health

Thanks! It’s my first long event training and I’m shocked every week by what we can do 🙂

Comment by Katie@ Two Lives, One Lifestyle

Yay for a good long run! Have you tried eating two piece of toast with PB beforehand? Or maybe a whole wheat bagel?

Comment by Meg

I’m thinking of trying a bagel instead this week, for something more substantial. Thanks!!

Comment by Katie@ Two Lives, One Lifestyle

Wow! What an awesome long run at a great pace! I have a 10 mile race in 2 months, and am slowly working my way up to where you are now. 🙂 I also second the bagel+pb pre-run, but I can’t really comment on the during-run fuel because I’ve never run more than 6.2 miles before haha. Good luck!

Comment by Tiffany

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