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Snow Covered Trails by Katie
February 25, 2010, 9:36 pm
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Thursdays are always my most productive day of the week.  Suddenly, there are only two weekdays left and I want to get everything done!  I ate my banana blueberry peanut butter oats while making a to-do list… for the day. [Lunch was unpictured leftover pizza from last night!]


So far, I’ve accomplished some of the bigger things. I’ll show the update version in a few hours.


The marathon training schedule called for 40 minutes of hills today.  Colorado has a lot of plains and a lot of mountains, but not too many hills.  It’s kind of flat…flat….flat… BAM! Rocky Mountains!  There are “foothills” but those guys are mountains on the east coast.  So, I headed closer to the mountain/ foothill area and ran on a trail.  There were just a few inches of snow.  My first little hill…


Second hill.. PS it was very much light out, but cloudy.


The flat part!


View to the northwest.


View to the east. See? Plains!


There I am!  HI!!


See the extra white part that curves a bit way off in the distance?  That is the trail I was on.


Another shot cause it was pretty.


Someone remembers she has wide angle..


When I set out, I really had no idea where I would go.  I ran parts of the trail in the summer, but never 40 minutes worth.  It was easy to see everything since I was on top of a ridge and once I realized I was making a loop, I stopped by my car and grabbed my camera for the second loop.  Perfect timing that each loop took ~20 minutes!

Alright, it’s time to make dinner!


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Beautiful pictures! Nice job getting out there in the snow! I can’t wait until fresh berries are in season. I plan on PILING them on my oats!

Comment by Olivia

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