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2-for-1 Ethnic Food by Kelli
February 25, 2010, 9:01 pm
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Well bloggies is official, I’m definitely getting sick.  I woke up still feeling off and NOT hungry at all.  I was going to make eggs, but honestly the thought of them made me feel gross.  So I had an apple, well half an apple.  I had the same feeling all day.  When I went to eat my lunch I just couldn’t stomach it.  I feel ok, but just can’t think about eating food, or smelling it for that matter.  I feel really run down and just blah.  This is exactly how I feel right before I get sick, so its just a waiting game at this point.

I told Stephen how I was feeling and he offered to make my 2-for-1 dish for me (sorry ladies, this one is taken 😉 )  How sweet is that?!  Earlier in the week Katie and  I decided to do an ethnic dish for our 2-for-1 this week.  Since Stephen loves anything chinese I decided to do something a long those lines.  I was THRILLED when I found some chicken with a chinese rub on it.  I did not eat much, but Stephen said it was pretty good 🙂  He also made himself acorn squash!  I was so impressed.

Sorry for the lame 2-for-1 and the lame posts of the past few days.  I am going to crash and hopefully sleep til Saturday when this thing is out of my system.

Please send love.  I need it right now.

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Feel better 🙂 Friday tomorrow!

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