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Mardi Gras Sneak Peak by Katie
February 24, 2010, 1:23 am
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I am so supah late in my posting. I went from 2-3 posts a day to a straggling, hopeful 1.  Blame it on the ca-a-a-a-amera (points if you get that reference).

Breakfast was oats.. always the most unoriginal.  This morning, I decided that adding the blueberry Kashi cereal would be fab addition to blueberry oats. FAIL.

Depending on my hunger level, I sometimes wait until I get to the office to eat my breakfast (it’s like a 10-15 minute drive + 10 minute walk).  Well, Kashi gets soggy in that time period.  Since breakkie was so dang early, a snack was in order.

I know there are some un-fans of this stuff, but I kinda like it.  One minute, there is sweetness from the vanilla and the next minute, there is complete Greek yogurt tanginess.  It’s much better very cold than after it sits on your desk for a few hours…

Lunch: I swear I took a picture- where did it go?  I had a Kashi Mayan Harvest Bake.  It’s that time of the month… not that time.. but I mean the time where I try to eat things I find stuffed in the freezer/back of the cabinet.  I’m in grad school and get “paid” with a “stipend” once a month; it is week #4.  During lunch, I watched McShultz (family puppy) via webcam at his first day of doggy day care.  They have live feed ALL DAY- distraction!!!! Good thing he is only going a day or two a week.  It was the worst video feed, but it totally made my day.  Can’t wait to see this cutie pie!

Around 3, I decided leaving early to run outdoors was a wise decision.  Since I arrived at 7 and worked through lunch, that is technically a full work day right?? Too bad grad school advisors aren’t on the flex time schedule.  I accidentally ran for more than my assigned 40 minutes since I got a little lost. It all felt great though!

Info from Garmy:

  • 50 minutes
  • Average speed of 5.8 mph

Since I didn’t stop the Garmin for my cool-down, these are a little skewed… My average pace while running was around 9:40 and I stopped running at about 46 minutes.  I hate how a few minutes of walking skews the overall pace so much.  Gosh darn my competitiveness.

It was a dirty, dirty run.  Up ’til now, I’ve maintained the newness of my shoes but I led them through slush and mud today.  Somehow I got a cut?

After stretching, my knees got some ice action and my mouth got some Green Monster action.  In the mix:

  • 2-ish cups of spinach
  • 1-ish cup of unsweetened vanilla almond milk
  • 1/2 a frozen banana
  • really small hunk of avocado (a few TBSP)
  • handful of frozen blueberries

See the blubes?  The avocado made this ULTRA thick.  And unless you like really “green” tasting monsters, I recommend adding something. I can choke down something that is “healthy-tasting” but if you are a skeptical-about-green-smoothie virgin, I don’t suggest this guy.

After all this, I put on my party pants!  My roommate is the general manager of a local theater Bas Bleu, and tonight was their annual fundraising Mardi Gras event.

I will do a in-depth recap tomorrow but I’ll leave you with a teaser.

Why does it look like I’ve consumed 12 glasses of wine prior to any wine drinking?? And why does my dress look wet??  Okay okay, a better teaser pic- tiramisu.

In reality, it was white, but the green and pink lights were making for some interesting photos!  It was a very fun night with lots of delicious food and great music… stay tuned. 😉


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Yeah I don’t know why but I really despise the vanilla oikos. The vanilla doesn’t taste right to me. Crazy run!! By the looks of the mud it looks like you were on your toes! 😉 That’s my kind of green monster!!

Comment by Ashley

oh my gosh, you’re right!! The mud is very front of the shoe centered. Yay!

Comment by Katie@ Two Lives, One Lifestyle i want that puppy right now! soooooo adorable!

i REALLY like the honey Oikos…so much more satisfying than the vanilla!

Comment by Heather

I will give it a try! King Soopers prints me coupons for them every time I go… I must buy it a lot 😛

Comment by Katie@ Two Lives, One Lifestyle

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