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From the Freezer: BBQ Chicken Pizza by Katie
February 24, 2010, 10:18 pm
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Remember when I said I had a little too much wine at Mardi Gras?? My college self would be so embarrassed by my grown-up tolerance.  I didn’t really feel the *fun* effects from the wine last night but this AM I sure felt the not-so-fun effects.

I slept in a tiny bit and then drank a Nalgene of water– though that part isn’t out of the ordinary. Colorado is. so. dry.  Breakfast was spinach + 2 eggs + laughing cow and wheat toast + Heather’s jam.


In the AM, I like to take pictures by the bright morning light streaming in the sliding glass doors.  These also happen to face the parking lot (I’m on the ground level).  So one of my neighbors totally thinks I’m a weirdo now because he saw me taking the breakfast pics. I waved awkwardly and then ran away with my food.

This held me over allll morning!  Lunch involved freezer finds- a locally made evol burrito and frozen cauliflower.  Interesting combo?




Oh man! That burrito was GREAT!  The beef was similar to Chipotle shredded beef, which is a very good thing.  I don’t know what size of a flour tortilla they use though cause there are like 4 layers of tortilla when it’s rolled up.  I peeled off some of the outer layers cause they get a bit dried out and hard in the microwave.

The cauliflower was an after though: I should eat a veggie but I’m all out of those of the fresh variety.

A bit later, I tried this- yum, yum!  Thick and creamy, the strawberries weren’t chunky (hate when they are), and not too sugary as compared to other fruit-on-the-bottom types.


All day I felt headache-y and tired, and my legs were like lead weights.  I really WANTED to run, but I decided to force myself to take a rest day.  Since I ran a bit longer than scheduled yesterday, and didn’t fully rest on Sunday, I think it was a good idea. Hopefully it pays off.

After grabbing a handful of this and that (cereal, tortilla chips, chocolate), I made a conscious effort to stop my mindless snacking.  I sipped some tea and it was surprisingly effective, probably since I wasn’t even hungry, just bored.


Back to the freezer for dinner!  A bit of frozen WF whole grain pizza dough, some frozen shredded BBQ chicken, a small piece of onion, leftover pineapple…





A little cheese sprinkle goes a long way! After baking for 15 minutes @ 400*.

Different lighting- I like the second one better, more natural.  What do you think?



What’s a creative meal you’ve come up with out of your cupboards/freezer lately??


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BBQ Chicken Pizza is my favorite! All the ones I make at home are healthier variations on the Macaroni Grill version: my golden standard. I can never get the sauce quite right. I’d definitely recommend it if you ever find yourself eating there!

Comment by kellieatsforfun

I’ve never been there but I will remember it. I love BBQ chicken pizzas… my sauce was just plain BBQ sauce but I’m sure they make it with all sorts of delicious add-ins.

Comment by Katie@ Two Lives, One Lifestyle

I did the snack all day thing instead of lunch. I don’t think I overate but who really knows 😉 However, I’m not a fan of BBQ pizza…I just don’t want BBQ sauce on pizza dough 😦 hehe

Comment by Ashley

This wasn’t my best effort but I like some pizzeria versions. I think pesto is my fave pizza “sauce.”

Comment by Katie@ Two Lives, One Lifestyle

That pizza looks absolutely delicious. I deff need to try that 🙂

Comment by Pix

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