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Bas Bleu Mardi Gras by Katie
February 24, 2010, 8:10 pm
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As I mentioned in the past post, my roommate is general manager of a local theatre company, Bas Bleu, and they had their annual Mardi Gras event last night.


Jorge (roommie’s boyfriend, my grad school friend- it works out well) and I grabbed some wine to start out.  It was pretty dark, so some flash happened.


There were plenty of great items being bid on in a silent auction.  Jorge bid on the item below, which was from a local home store and included wine, a decorative pillow, 2 martini glasses, a picture frame, and a candle all in a gorgeous box/plant holder (?).



I loved this bow!


A pretty scarf and handmade cards.  I really liked this artists work, I can’t wait for spring flowers.


The silent auction items were fun to look at but let’s be honest, we were looking forward to the food! A bunch of local restaurants donated great food for the fundraiser.  Each restaurant station serves up a small tasting portion, which was excellent since I was interested in trying just about everything ;).

First, we tried etouffee (like gumbo, with shellfish and sausage) and a small piece of white chocolate bread pudding from CooperSmith’s. All of the pictures of this turned out badly, but the etouffee was just so-so while the bread pudding was outstanding!


The next sample came from The Canyon Chop house: pulled pork sliders, coleslaw, and gumbo.


This gumbo was slightly spicy and more flavorful than the etouffee. The pulled pork was some of the best I’ve tasted (and I am a big pulled pork fan)- very smoky, not too saucy.  I skipped the bun, just because the meat was so great on it’s own! [The pictures are reddish hued due to the lighting].


There was yet another etouffe (I missed a picture of the restaurant name!) which was more seafood tasting.  They served it over rice which turned into a sticky clump.  Between the strong seafood taste and rice issues, I only had a few tastes before moving on.


Next, Enzios!  This is one of my favorite restaurants in Fort Collins.  They serve homemade pasta and interesting, flavorful dishes.  Expect a full review during the upcoming Fort Collins Restaurant Week!



Unfortunately, the usually delicious chicken picatta was a bit cold.  It still tasted good enough to eat it up though. 😉  The tiramisu totally made up for it! My picture doesn’t do it justice at all.


Another missing picture was Basil Fried Rice from Sri Thai. Oh. My. Goodness.  That was the best dish of the night!  There is probably no picture because I was gobbling it up.


While we ate, drank wine, and chatted, a jazz/swing/big band style band played- so my style!


There was lots of dancing.


And festive decor.






Though, the best festive decor was this guy’s jacket and his wife’s cape!!


After a little too much wine and more than enough fun, I was very ready for bed.  Way more exciting than my typical Tuesday night!


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What a fun celebration!! Talk about a nice mid-week break! 🙂

Comment by Katie

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