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Baby To Be by Kelli
February 21, 2010, 2:18 pm
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Hey all!  I hope you are having a super relaxing weekend before we start all over with the work week tomorrow.

Beth’s baby shower yesterday was super fun.  She is 37 weeks and ready to POP!  She looks gorgeous and is going to be a great mom!

I know Beth through Stephen’s friend (and Beth’s boyfriend) JT.  Stephen and JT grew up together and have been neighbors their entire lives.  JT was also a groomsman in our wedding!

JT met Beth in college and they have been dating since they were sophmores or juniors (I honestly can’t remember which).  They have such compatible personalities and are great together.  I am so happy for them and the fact that they are going to have an adorable little girl!

The mommy-to-be opening her presents!

The amazing picture that JT’s sister, Nicole, drew of Beth!  Nicole is an incredibly talented artist and she is going to school to be an art teacher.

Beth got a lot of great stuff for her little girl!  She even got a SUPER cute little bikini!  It is adorable!  Only 3 more weeks until the little lady arrives!

After the shower I went shopping with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law, Elizabeth.  Elizabeth is 35 weeks pregnant with our nephew (seriously, there are babies everywhere!)  and her shower is in a few weeks.  The shopping trip was focused on getting fabulous outfits for the three of us to wear to the shower 🙂  There were some great sales at the mall!  I got a pair of fabulous Kenneth Cole boots that were almost 80% off!  Could not believe it.  It would have been a sin to NOT buy them, seriously.  I also found a great dress!  So did Elizabeth!  All in all, a very successful day at The Westfarms Mall.

After dinner the three of us met Stephen and my father-in-law at a local pizza place for dinner.  This place was awesome because they make gluten free pizza!

I enjoyed a roast turkey panini with no mayo, and roasted red peppers.

Stephen had a HUGE calzone!  Its as big as his hands!  He is 6’4″, those are not small hands in any sense of the word!

And here is the gluten free pizza!  It is awesome that my mother-in-law got to indulge in a food that is usually on the Do Not Eat list for celiac’s

This morning I woke up for my first Team In Training group training session!  We went for a 6 mile run and it was amazing.  I met a girl who lived in Italy for 4 years and we chatted the entire time.  We were both comfortable at the same pace (around an 11:30 minute / mile) and I loved listening to her stories about living abroad.  I feel like this woman has lived 5 lives!  She had some great stories and listening to them made the run fly by.  We ended up finishing the 6 miles in 1 hour 7 minutes.  The last 3/4 mile was up a steep hill and I honestly thought my lungs were going to EXPLODE!  I just kept telling myself to go 10 more steps, and then 10 more steps, and then 10 more steps.  Before I knew it we were done and enjoying some water and banana bread.  I cannot wait for next week!!

Now I am curled up on the couch addressing and stuffing envelopes for Team In Training fund raising letters.  I plan on going to local businesses this afternoon as well to try and fund raise.  I am SO excited to really get going!  If anyone out there is interested in donating here is my fund raising site 🙂

I hope you are all having an awesome day:)


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can i have some of that pizza? please? 🙂 left you guys some love on the blog today 🙂

Comment by Heather

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