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Ice. Heat. Repeat. by Kelli
February 20, 2010, 9:51 am
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Hey bloggies!  I hope you had a wonderful Friday!  Mine was crazy busy.  I ended up staying at work until past 7 to get everything prepared for an early meeting/conference call I have on Monday.  I was excited when I left work because I knew it was date night!  Stephen and I try to make every Friday night our date night.  We always have so much to catch up on!  On this date night we went to a new Italian place called “Sambucca’s”  It was really good!  I ordered a pizza with ricotta, spinach, and sliced tomato!  It was delish.

I ended up having 2 slices.  I also had the side salad that came with Stephen’s meal since my husband is all but allergic to lettuce 🙂  I enjoyed two Long Trail beers with dinner as well.  Its amazing how low my tolerance is now.  After those two beers I felt very “happy” and could not stop giggling!

This morning I woke up early for a spinning class.  I went into the kitchen and turned on the garbage disposal.  The most horrible noise!  I turned it off and reached in only to find a mangled tablespoon!

Thank God we received about 3 or 4 sets of measuring spoons as wedding/bridal shower gifts!  We have lots of back ups for this poor little guy.

Before spinning I had about 1/4 of a maple nut Cliff Bar, and then it was off to class.  I took it very easy during spinning today and only stayed for 45 minutes.  I have my first group training run tomorrow so I want my legs to be nice and fresh for the 6 mile run!  I am so excited for group training!  Even though it is about 40 minutes away and it starts at 8AM, I am really looking forward to meeting some runners!

Before I left the gym this morning I took some time to post an Operation Beautiful note in the locker room.

Feel free to pass judgement on my horrible hand writing 🙂

I am off to ice and heat my hip, shower, eat, and go to a baby shower for my friend Beth.  After the baby shower I am shopping with my mother in law and sister in law for outfits for my sister in law’s baby shower that is in a few weeks!  Babies babies everywhere!  It almost makes me want  one right now.  Almost 🙂

Have a great Saturday!!!


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I just came from my sister-in-law’s baby shower! It was fun! Babies are everywhere!! But I’m excited to be an aunt!

Comment by abbynormally

Being an aunt is SO much fun! We have a 15 month old nephew on my side of the family and are SO in love with him. It is so fun to spoil them and send/bring presents when you visit! You will love being an aunt!

Comment by Kelli

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