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My longest run ever- that will soon seem short by Katie
February 20, 2010, 5:18 pm
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Today was my first significantly long group run with Team in Training!  I knew the weather was going to be wintery and I’ll be completely honest that I was not looking forward to the run.  I slept an extra 30 minutes, ate some toast with PB&J and made my final decision to just GO, it wasn’t like it was a blizzard.  We’ve been spoiled with some nice weather in Denver lately but it’s not like I’ve ever never been outside in 20* weather, c’mon Katie!

Run Recap (aka lots of words)

The spirit of Team in Training peeps is incredible, and the coaches are so motivating!  We basically ran to wherever 38 minutes took us, turned around, and ran back.  [For any Denver people.. we started at REI and my turn around point was Cherry Creek mall.  I’m pretty terrible at directions around here but seeing the mall surprised me and made me feel pretty darn good!]  I chatted with someone on the first leg of the run (time freakin’ FLIES by) and after the turn-around, I was mostly on my own.  I was hitting a good rhythm and the snow was falling so prettily:  It was heavenly (umm never though I would speak so generously about running)! After about an hour, I was deliriously happy and felt like I could go forever, guess that’s some sort of “zone” or “high” kicking in?

I’d love to take pictures but not sure I want to carry my camera, my phone, an iPod, and have the Garmin.  I’d be like a walking piece of technology.  Speaking of the Garm, I was holding about a 9:30 pace on most of the first half of the run, slowed down to 10:00 min/mile for a mile because of a side stitch, and then the second half I was around 9:15 min miles! I could not believe it!! Since I was chatting it up the whole way out, I barely noticed how quick we were going.. but once I did, I decided I should keep it up.  All in all, about 7.85 miles in 1:15.  I think this is the farthest I’ve ever run but I almost never kept track of mileage for 9 of the 10 years I have been running around.  All in all, the snow and cold had nothing on me!  I wonder if training at altitude will help… but that’s a post of it’s own ;).

After the run, a sports medicine doc talked about stretching, foam rolling, typical injuries, etc.   You know how shin splints feel like your shin is about to rip from your leg?? Guess what I learned? The muscle really is tearing from the shin! OW, and gross!  I’m going to start icing my knees after the long ones.  The knees are in serious pain for about 15-20 minutes after I completely stop (I make sure to walk around a lot and cool down, plus stretching) but not during the run or at any random times.  Anyone else have this problem/ know what it is?


Since then, I’ve had half a wheat bagel with PB, leftover Thai noodles and shrimp from last night with a bunch of added veggies, and a green monster (with vanilla whey powder as a new addition).

Tonight is the first night of the Denver Restaurant Week and we’re going to Elway’s, a really nice restaurant, tonight.  John picked this one, I get to pick the next one!

Ice. Heat. Repeat. by Kelli
February 20, 2010, 9:51 am
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Hey bloggies!  I hope you had a wonderful Friday!  Mine was crazy busy.  I ended up staying at work until past 7 to get everything prepared for an early meeting/conference call I have on Monday.  I was excited when I left work because I knew it was date night!  Stephen and I try to make every Friday night our date night.  We always have so much to catch up on!  On this date night we went to a new Italian place called “Sambucca’s”  It was really good!  I ordered a pizza with ricotta, spinach, and sliced tomato!  It was delish.

I ended up having 2 slices.  I also had the side salad that came with Stephen’s meal since my husband is all but allergic to lettuce 🙂  I enjoyed two Long Trail beers with dinner as well.  Its amazing how low my tolerance is now.  After those two beers I felt very “happy” and could not stop giggling!

This morning I woke up early for a spinning class.  I went into the kitchen and turned on the garbage disposal.  The most horrible noise!  I turned it off and reached in only to find a mangled tablespoon!

Thank God we received about 3 or 4 sets of measuring spoons as wedding/bridal shower gifts!  We have lots of back ups for this poor little guy.

Before spinning I had about 1/4 of a maple nut Cliff Bar, and then it was off to class.  I took it very easy during spinning today and only stayed for 45 minutes.  I have my first group training run tomorrow so I want my legs to be nice and fresh for the 6 mile run!  I am so excited for group training!  Even though it is about 40 minutes away and it starts at 8AM, I am really looking forward to meeting some runners!

Before I left the gym this morning I took some time to post an Operation Beautiful note in the locker room.

Feel free to pass judgement on my horrible hand writing 🙂

I am off to ice and heat my hip, shower, eat, and go to a baby shower for my friend Beth.  After the baby shower I am shopping with my mother in law and sister in law for outfits for my sister in law’s baby shower that is in a few weeks!  Babies babies everywhere!  It almost makes me want  one right now.  Almost 🙂

Have a great Saturday!!!