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Glass, glass, kitties, kitties, glass and kitties by Katie
February 17, 2010, 11:20 pm
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I’ve read about YogaDownload all over the blog universe although I’ve hesitated to try it out because a) I’m very inexperienced with yoga/ do not know pose names and b) I’m so inflexible that yoga frustrates me.  I actually get stressed during yoga..?

While Kelli has been noticing increased hip tension, my calves are Tight with a capital T.  Oh hi, marathon training!  I decided that a free 20 minute yoga for runners download would be worth a try.  It was a good way to wake up, I worked up a sweat in just 20 minutes, and it stretched just about everything (except my calves!).  Onto the whole point of the story: yoga downloads play in iTunes… as I was relaxing in savasana (looked that up, I’m a cheater), the download ended and iTunes shuffled to a song by DJ Assault that rhymes with “Glass and Kitties.”  YouTube it, definitely made for a good laugh at 6:45 AM ;).

After such a hilarious start to the day, I enjoyed scrambled vegetables with eggs.  The veggies always outweigh the eggs.  Broccoli, spinach, mushrooms, 2 eggs.

And toast with my mom’s jam.  Don’t make me choose favorites between my mom’s jam and Heather‘s jam.

During the AM I snacked on a juicy, delicious orange.

Leftovers for lunch again- I’m getting brave and photographing in my office.

After work and before a workout, I had a half PBJ with Heather‘s strawberry jam- thank you lady!

I got in a 30 minute run and remembered to wear my heart rate monitor. I have been running between a 10-10:30 pace on the treadmill and this keeps my heart rate around 160- 165, which feels okay for me and is close to the “suggested easy range” though still a little high.  I can talk (or mouth the words to songs on my iPod) at this level though.  Yesterday, when I ran outside my heart rate was this low but my pace was faster than on the treadmill.  Interesting? Afterwards, I foam rolled my calveit hurt but felt sooo good.

Post-workout, I failed to photograph dinner- fish tacos and a marg with my roommate. Yum!!  Time to prep more letters for Team in Training and work on a fun guest post that will be revealed tomorrow!


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I have found toe-running much harder on the treadmill! Don’t worry your calves will feel better soon…make sure to give them a few rest days! I think I’m going to try yoga for runners today. I have hip/hamstring issues..they get out of alignment easily!

Comment by Ashley

I really want a HRM!!! Do you think it’s helped you improve your running??

Comment by Lauren @ BIOCHEMISTA

Well it helped me realize I wasn’t as fast as I thought I was!!! I haven’t trained for any races with it yet… all the info was fun to have but now I feel like I’m finally really using it. I hope it helps me train at a good heart rate level so I don’t burn out!

Comment by Katie@ Two Lives, One Lifestyle

Oh Itunes, it has a funny life of it’s own. I have my ipod on shuffle most of the time and sometimes the strangest things come up!

Comment by Beth @fatbustermack

holy jam! your mom makes jam?! that is SO COOL! i’m like picturing a whole jam factory in your house 😉

whats the best flav she makes?!

Comment by julie

Hahaha, right now I’m enjoying the blueberry raspberry (I think) and it is gooood. My fave is hands down, the peach.

Comment by Katie@ Two Lives, One Lifestyle

Haha! Love the story about your iTunes experience this morning, as I too, am a fan of the “glass and kitties” song–we used to listen to it in college to pump up before exams. 🙂

Comment by Emily

To get pumped up for an exam!?! It is definitely a good, silly pump up tune!

Comment by Katie@ Two Lives, One Lifestyle

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