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The case of the missing camera.. by Kelli
February 14, 2010, 8:20 pm
Filed under: Kelli

Hey bloggies!  How is your Valentines Day going?  I hope you are snuggling up with something special!  Stephen and I decided to make an entire weekend out of Valentines day 🙂  We know that buying a house and starting a family is coming up very soon in our life, so we are trying to really cherish these special moments in the beginning of our marriage when it is just the two of us with very little responsibility.

Just a little warning before I go on.  I seem to have mis placed my camera, so there are literally no pictures from this weekend 😦

Friday night we went to one of our favorite places to eat, Vito’s by the Water.  Love love love this place.  They have a salmon dish on special every night of the week.  And their spinach and artichoke dip is TO DIE FOR.  We had an amazing dinner that was very romantic.  I had the gnocchi dish with salmon, clams, lobster, and roasted red peppers all in a light lobster cream sauce.  It was honestly amazing.  And HUGE!  I took most of it home!

Saturday we went skiing!  I have not been skiing since I was 13 years old, so this trip has been a long time coming.  Stephen’s Dad grew up in Maine and spent his winters on ski’s.  Stephen also skied pretty frequently growing up with all his friends, so it was time I hopped on the band wagon 🙂  I really loved it!  I couldn’t believe how easy it was to pick it back up.  After a few runs down the easy trails I was ready to tackle something harder.  Stephen couldn’t believe how fast I was going, and was about 60 yards in front of him for most of our runs!  I really loved the speed!  I was flying down the trails without turning or even trying to slow down.  Thank god I didn’t lost control and fall!  It would have been bad news bears for marathon training!

Today was a super lazy day.  We woke up late and enjoyed some breakfast together.  I went out for a long run (since I missed the group Team in Training run yesterday) and did the arm workout DVD for P90X.  I finished a book and browsed some online realtors for houses to buy 🙂  Tonight we went out to dinner at our favorite chinese/japanese place to celebrate the Chinese new year!  Stephen is so passionate about chinese culture and chinese language, so this was a celebration we needed to participate in!  It was really fun to see him speak in Chinese to all of the waitresses and order our food in the language he loves 🙂

I have off tomorrow, so I am enjoying what is probably a little too much wine right now 🙂  I am really looking forward to a day of relaxation (possibly a facial?), running, possibly a spin class, reading, and writing Team in Training letters!  Does anyone else have tomorrow off?

Have a great night!


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