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Rewind and Fast-Forward by Katie
February 14, 2010, 11:32 pm
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Back up the bus to Saturday afternoon, pre-blogger meet-up.  I’m obsessed with being outside whenever it’s sunny, even though it’s kind of all the time here.  It must come from growing up in Upstate NY where the winter is dreary and gray.  After my run Saturday morning, my energy levels were through the roof, I was literally jumping up and down and bouncing off the walls.   John was up for walking around downtown even though he thought it was “cloudy” aka 3 clouds in the sky.  It did turn gray when we left but oh well!

We stopped into Mondo Vino for their free tasting [every Friday and Saturday 2-7!]. I used to be all about white wines but this past year, I’ve really started to love reds.  In the tasting, I think I liked the white best though!

John’s swirling technique.  On our last sample, they set out some cheese I loved. I didn’t want to be a cheese hog so I just had two little cubes. 😉

After that, it was time to prep for the blogger meet-up; check out the post!

Now time-machine to Sunday morning.. brunch!  John treated me as a Valentine’s Day gift.  Pretty flowers on our table.

Also, some pretty mimosas ;).

I ordered pancakes, something I rarely have since I usually feel hungry really quickly afterwards.  They were blueberry, walnut, yogurt pancakes and very good.  A bit crispy on the edges and huge and fluffy!

I have half left for tomorrow morning and I’ve been dreaming about what toppings to add.  John ordered an egg, bacon, cheese, and avocado aoili.  It was served with tots, how fun!

Then we were very lazy :-P.  Much later, we snacked on a few leftover bruschetta.  We only tried the nubby bread ends last night since I wanted to make sure there was enough. Ummm, John didn’t like the fig + goat cheese ones?!  I mean, I guess it’s okay though… more for me.

For dinner, we had something I picked up last weekend at Sunflower.  A company rep was there handing out samples and explaining that this Chicago pizzeria just made their usual pizzas and froze them.  He recommended eating them within a few months because even though they were frozen, there are no preservatives.

Yep, bought the meat lovers for John.  The ingredient list was not long, but all the ingredients had ingredient lists, with tons of qualifiers.

I had a salad too since I was lacking vegetables today.

Now, we are watching a presentation from Jamie Oliver and going to bed early.  Neither of us have tomorrow off, anyone have good plans for their day off?


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Love the gorgeous city photos – I LOVE being outside when it’s sunny too as I’m from rainy Vancouver. I don’t have the day off tomorrow, unfortunately!

Comment by Run Sarah

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