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Snowed In… At work? by Kelli
February 11, 2010, 7:47 am
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Hey bloggies 🙂  Sorry I missed a post last night, but the snow threw off my whole schedule!

I woke up yesterday and it hadn’t started snowing yet.  I was really surprised because the weather report said it was supposed to start around 4AM and we should have had about 4 inches by the time I left for work.  So I decided to go to work for the morning, and leave as soon as the weather outside got bad to finish the day from my kitchen table.  No such luck!  The snow did not start until after 1PM!  It was insane.  The weather report changed to 4-5 inches of accumulation instead of 10-13.  I left work at 4:30 when it was getting bad to finish one last report at home.  When I got home I could not get connected to our VPN (the access network that allows me to get onto our network even if I’m not in the office).  UGH!  TECHNOLOGY!  I was getting emails from the client who needed the reports, so ended up trudging back into the office in the snow and wind time finish.  I got home at 9, had a glass of wine, and crashed!  Crazy snow!

The one thing that was good about yesterday was the food!

Breakfast.  1 egg, 2 egg whites, spinach, cheddar cheese, avocado on the side, and hot sauce.

Lunch.  Roasted brussels sprouts and red potatoes.  Which I thought I would eat at home!  Thank god I packed it up and took it to work with me!

Dinner.  Marinated slow cooked pork.  I didn’t end up getting to eat much of this, but Stephen said it was great!!!

Have a great Thursday everyone!!!


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Geeeez! Crazy day! I miss the snow so much! Can’t believe I move to CA and the east coast gets the worst snow in years! Build a snow man for me 🙂
Happy Thursday!

Comment by Molly

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