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Butternut-a-licious by Kelli
February 9, 2010, 8:10 pm
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Hey bloggies 🙂 How is your Tuesday? Mine is going wonderously. I can’t believe its almost over!

Tuesday started out with my new fave cereal; PB Puffins! With almond milk and a nanner 🙂

I packed up my eats this mornin and was on my way

Some Amy’s soup, two clementies, and trail mix

I also brought some of my new favorite chair tea! The vegan chai I tried yesterday made another appearance today in a nice to go mug to take to work

Work was rather boring today. I am waiting on a lot of information from clients and I have a feeling that its all going to come at once and I’m going to get slammed. Boo 😦 Since I did not have much work today I decided to come home for lunch. I relaxed a bit and ate my soup from the comfort of my couch 🙂 I love when that happens!

Today was Day 2 of marathon training and we had to run 40 minutes. Luckily the hubby came with me for my work out! I was stoked 🙂 He was on the eliptical next to my treadmil while I ran for 40 minutes at about an 11:30 min/mile pace. My heart rate stayed below 180 for most of the run. At one point it went to about 185 and I slowed down to a 12 min/mile pace.

When we got back from the workout it was time for dinner! I made a lovely butternut squash soup while the husband cooked up a little beef. I ended up having about half a bowl of soup with 3 oz. of beef on the side. And a large scoop of rocky road for dessert!!

It is supposed to snow 13 inches here tonight into tomorrow morning! CRAZYY!! I brought my lap top and some work home in case I need to work from home due to the snow. I’m really hoping I can’t get out of the driveway! There is nothing better than working in your pj’s!!

I hope everyone had a wonderous Tuesday!


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