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Sushi Hai- Denver by Katie
February 6, 2010, 4:03 pm
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An impromptu change of plans last night and we decided to meet up with my aunt and her boyfriend for happy hour.  Happy hour turned into sushi and sushi turned into “just one more drink at the house.”   Soon my Friday nights will be way more low-key since I’ll be getting up at the crack of dawn on Saturday for long runs!

We went to Sushi Hai in the Highlands area of Denver, and our awesome waitress Jen got us started with “purple haze” which is sake with Chambord.  I’d never had this before and really don’t like sake but this was delicious!

The guys were ambitious and did a sake bomb- John led the way.

For starters, we shared edamame and sea weed salad.   If you have never tried seaweed salad do it now! I hate seaweed so much at the beach (when it’s getting stuck in my bathing suit) but this was great.  The texture is similar to the crunchy fibrous stalk of asparagus.

For the main course, about 8 things were ordered and shared which I won’t try and recall everything but we had a variety of rolls, sashimi (just fish), and nigiri (fish on rice).  In the past, I’ve stuck to rolls only but I learned last night how silly that was.  The sashimi and nigiri pieces were just melt-in-your mouth delicious.  I think I like sashimi salmon better than cooked salmon!  Mm, salmon sounds good right now.

We saved the grilled eel for last because it’s really sweet and worth savoring.  Yum!  I just had more leftover pizza for lunch but I could go for sushi again right this minute.

After a late night, I woke up early to work on stuffing envelopes for Team in Training fundraising and then headed to the kickoff event.  A few leukemia survivors and current patients spoke or had someone speak on their behalf, and it was SO motivating.  The whole energy in the room was contagious and I can’t wait to run later today.  First up- a NAP!  I really don’t like naps but today it is crucial.  Later!