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Beautiful Blogger: Kelli’s 7 Random Facts by Kelli
February 4, 2010, 6:54 am
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As you know, Olivia at You Call Me Liv has awarded up the Beautiful Blogger award!

So here are my 7 random facts…

1.  My favorite type of music is country remixed to techno.  Seriously, dont knock it til you try it.

2.  I went to Bermuda on my honeymoon in 2008.  While there I contracted a really bad ear infection and ended up in a Bermuda ER on a national holiday.

3.  My husband gave me his fraternity pin in college.  When he “pinned” me there was supposiedly a curse on being pinned by a Sig Ep.  Being pinned is like a pre-engagement and the previous 5 or so couples who had gotten pinned broke up in some horrible way shortly afterward.  We were one of the first couples to “break the curse” and actually get married after this bad luck streak.

4.  I drive a Volkeswagon Passat that I have nicknamed Patty

5.  I am probably one of the sloppiest people you will ever meet.  You wont be able to tell when you first meet me, but as soon as you see my car and my closet you will understand.  This is one thing my husband “loves me in spite of”.

6.  I firmly believe that Houseparty Weekend at Bucknell should be considered a national holiday.  It is one weekend in the spring when all the frats have live music outside and anyone is welcome anywhere.  You can drink openly and the deans serve you hot dogs and hamburgers from midnight until 2AM.

7.  I have left a long list of things in NYC cabs.  A camera, a coach purse, sunglasses, Bucknell flip flops, etc.  The list really goes on and on

So there you go!  7 random facts about yours truly!!!


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NYC cabs are like the black hole! I’ve never lost anything (knock on wood) but know plenty of friends who have!

Comment by Olivia

Baha- why did I wear that slutty dress

Comment by Katie@ Two Lives, One Lifestyle

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