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Back to the Food: The Good and The Bad by Katie
February 4, 2010, 12:22 pm
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That was a fun interlude, now back to the eats and other news from yesterday.  Please note the addition to the side of the page :D!

Good: 1/2 and apple + Kefir + Bees Knees for a snack yesterday

Bad: Taking a lifting class that turned out to be slow, boring, and barely felt like a workout. To her benefit, the instructor was really sweet and seemed nervous, maybe she just started teaching.

Good: Finding a sample sized packet of amazing Grass Chocolate Green Super Food on sale.

Bad: The nasty Green Monster I made after the gym- almond milk, spinach, frozen small banana, above super food.  The first one I ever made was divine.  This one tasted like eating a tree. And obviously, I know what that tastes like.   In comparison to last time:

  • almond milk instead of Kefir
  • added way more spinach
  • added the Amazing Grass

It had way too much texture and smelled and tasted like sludge. I choked down about half.  I have no idea what my mistake was, but please enlighten me if you have a clue!

Good: The turkey and brie I made for dinner! And the spinach + tomato + Goddess salad.  There was a restaurant in our college town that made a sandwich I was thoroughly obsessed with: toasted turkey and brie with cranberry chutney.  After I saw Jenna’s similar sandwich the other day and realized I had all the ingredients, I decided to make one ASAP.

Step 1) Warm up turkey in the pan

Step 2) Add brie and melt

Step 3) Toast bread (or english muffin as I used)

Step 4) Spread previously frozen leftover cranberry sauce from the holidays on bread

Step 5) Smoosh it all together and feast!

Step 6) Eat a salad to get some veggies and be surprised when you love it almost as much as the sammy

Alright, this girl needs to get to work and stop blogging (but it’s so much more fun!). This quote sums up today perfectly:

“I Try to Take One Day at a Time, but Sometimes Several Days Attack Me at Once”


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Sorry about your bum of a green monster! I’ve made some gross ones before, too. Live and learn, I guess.

Comment by Katie

Green monsters are tricky, eh!!

But on a side note…TURKEY AND BRIE!?!? ❤ ❤ ❤

Comment by savoringsarah

I’ve never had the sandwich cold but as melty goodness, you MUST try it if you are brie fan!

Comment by Katie@ Two Lives, One Lifestyle

Hmmmm that’s exactly what I put in my Green Monsters! Almond (or skim) milk, spinach, chocolate grass, frozen banana, tbsp of chia seeds and maybe a little peanut or almond butter. I LOVE IT1

That sandwich looks amazing. I love love brie! I usually only eat it on Christmas (my mom makes this awesome one wrapped in puff pastry – to die for), but I’m thinking I need to pick up some!

Comment by Olivia

[…] Turkey, brie, and cranberry on a wheat English muffin and brussels sprouts at lunch: […]

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Other add-ins: few Tablespoons of almonds + 1/3c of plain yogurt + ice + maybe 1-2t of honey/maple syrup [maybe not all but at least some of those should help!] Check this post for one of my FAV choco banana green monsters w/the chocolate amazing grass!

Comment by Ashley

That mix didn’t include spinach because I was out…but I usually add 2-3 cups and puree so there are no chunks. I can never taste any spinach and always add it if I have it!

Comment by Ashley

[…] highlighted numbers are increases from last time!  Post workout, I made a Green Monster that was actually good- thanks for your comments! […]

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