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2-for-1 PIZZA! by Kelli
February 4, 2010, 8:38 pm
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Hey bloggies!!!  Only one more alarm clock until the weekend!  woot woot!  If there was one word I had to use to describe today it would be HUNGRY.  I was so hungry all day!  It was insane.

Today started out kinda sad 😦  I kissed the hubby good bye because he was going to Maine for business until Friday. Boo.  I have to be honest though, I was definitely looking forward to some me time.

After the husband left I made some of Jenna’s best pizza dough!

It came out beautifully!  I put this baby in the fridge to set so I could make a delish pizza tonight.

After making the dough I made some eggs for breakfast.

1 egg, two egg white, spinach, cheese, and hot sauce.  I scarfed these down with some pom juice.  Still…  I was hungry…

I had a veggie pita with sweet potato “fries” for lunch.  When I packed this lunch my original plan was to not eat it all and have some of the sweet fries for a snack.  But sadly, I was hungry so I ate it all

The veggie pita had roasted portobello mushroom, red pepper, provolone cheese, spinach, and avocado.  Yum 🙂

And now for the main event…PIZZA!!!!

When I got home from my crazy day at work I couldn’t wait to make a delish pizza and have a nice glass of wine with it.  On ym pizza I put some marinara with provolone and some green squash.

And a special treat with dinner…  Some organic Zin.

After dinner I was really craving something sweet.  So I hopped in “Patty” and went to buy some ice cream!  On my way to the store I got another surprise.  My friend from high school, Molly, called (she also did a reading at my wedding!!!!) saying she had stumbled onto our blog!  SO exciting!  It was so nice to catch up with an old friend.  I feel like Molly and I have one of those friendships where months can go by without talking but as soon as you get on the phone or sit down to lunch it feels like no time has gone by.  That is the mark of a great friendship!!!

I hope you all had a great Thursday!

Back to the Food: The Good and The Bad by Katie
February 4, 2010, 12:22 pm
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That was a fun interlude, now back to the eats and other news from yesterday.  Please note the addition to the side of the page :D!

Good: 1/2 and apple + Kefir + Bees Knees for a snack yesterday

Bad: Taking a lifting class that turned out to be slow, boring, and barely felt like a workout. To her benefit, the instructor was really sweet and seemed nervous, maybe she just started teaching.

Good: Finding a sample sized packet of amazing Grass Chocolate Green Super Food on sale.

Bad: The nasty Green Monster I made after the gym- almond milk, spinach, frozen small banana, above super food.  The first one I ever made was divine.  This one tasted like eating a tree. And obviously, I know what that tastes like.   In comparison to last time:

  • almond milk instead of Kefir
  • added way more spinach
  • added the Amazing Grass

It had way too much texture and smelled and tasted like sludge. I choked down about half.  I have no idea what my mistake was, but please enlighten me if you have a clue!

Good: The turkey and brie I made for dinner! And the spinach + tomato + Goddess salad.  There was a restaurant in our college town that made a sandwich I was thoroughly obsessed with: toasted turkey and brie with cranberry chutney.  After I saw Jenna’s similar sandwich the other day and realized I had all the ingredients, I decided to make one ASAP.

Step 1) Warm up turkey in the pan

Step 2) Add brie and melt

Step 3) Toast bread (or english muffin as I used)

Step 4) Spread previously frozen leftover cranberry sauce from the holidays on bread

Step 5) Smoosh it all together and feast!

Step 6) Eat a salad to get some veggies and be surprised when you love it almost as much as the sammy

Alright, this girl needs to get to work and stop blogging (but it’s so much more fun!). This quote sums up today perfectly:

“I Try to Take One Day at a Time, but Sometimes Several Days Attack Me at Once”

Beautiful Blogger Pass Along by Katie
February 4, 2010, 11:25 am
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Yesterday, Olivia tagged Kelli and I with the Beautiful Blogger award.   This was a fun post to make and I’ve enjoyed reading them on other blogs.  Now I want to pass it on to some other wonderful ladies- if you’ve already been “tagged” or are really busy, no worries!  If you want to play, then post 7 random facts about yourself and then pass it along to 7 more bloggers you enjoy reading.  Take a looksie at our two previous posts for an idea of what it’s all about.

Alright, here’s to 7 great blogs!

Katie @ Yes, I want cake.   I love her hilarious teacher stories and great eats!

Ashley @ the edible perspectiveShe should totally win awards for her food pictures.  I’m looking forward to meeting next weekend at the CO blogger meet-up she is organizing.

Mack @ Fat Buster MackAnother blog with fantastic pictures, lots of doable recipes, and pancakes I need to make!

Julie @ julie golean. Try to read any of her posts and not laugh.  Plus she makes vegetable eating look delicious.

Gracie @ Girl Meets Health. I like seeing her eats cause they’re usually so similar to things I like to cook and eat.

Mae @ Ohh May…A recent find and addition to my Reader because of her many creative recipes (which I must try more of). I wish I was this healthy and food savvy in high school, I think she’s gonna be famous someday.

Heather @ Heather’s Dish. Again, awesome pictures and simple recipes- what could be better in a food blog!

Beautiful Blogger: Kelli’s 7 Random Facts by Kelli
February 4, 2010, 6:54 am
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As you know, Olivia at You Call Me Liv has awarded up the Beautiful Blogger award!

So here are my 7 random facts…

1.  My favorite type of music is country remixed to techno.  Seriously, dont knock it til you try it.

2.  I went to Bermuda on my honeymoon in 2008.  While there I contracted a really bad ear infection and ended up in a Bermuda ER on a national holiday.

3.  My husband gave me his fraternity pin in college.  When he “pinned” me there was supposiedly a curse on being pinned by a Sig Ep.  Being pinned is like a pre-engagement and the previous 5 or so couples who had gotten pinned broke up in some horrible way shortly afterward.  We were one of the first couples to “break the curse” and actually get married after this bad luck streak.

4.  I drive a Volkeswagon Passat that I have nicknamed Patty

5.  I am probably one of the sloppiest people you will ever meet.  You wont be able to tell when you first meet me, but as soon as you see my car and my closet you will understand.  This is one thing my husband “loves me in spite of”.

6.  I firmly believe that Houseparty Weekend at Bucknell should be considered a national holiday.  It is one weekend in the spring when all the frats have live music outside and anyone is welcome anywhere.  You can drink openly and the deans serve you hot dogs and hamburgers from midnight until 2AM.

7.  I have left a long list of things in NYC cabs.  A camera, a coach purse, sunglasses, Bucknell flip flops, etc.  The list really goes on and on

So there you go!  7 random facts about yours truly!!!