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Spinning Therapy by Katie
February 3, 2010, 12:28 am
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I love how a workout can completely alter my mood for the better- it is seriously the best therapy for me!

After work, I had an hour wait at the post office to try and get our darn mailbox fixed.  I’ve put in a maintenance request in paper and 3 very nice voicemails (and not in row, I was trying to not be obnoxious) but it has been a week and nothing has happened.  They were just as unhelpful today. SIGH.  The whole waiting an hour yet not getting help made my mood go downhill.   I was also getting hungry and bad mood plus hunger is not ideal.

First, I had some of the black bean/pepper/onion/corn mix I made last night.  The colors look much nicer when photographed in natural light.

Then I was pretty satisfied but after the salty/spicy snack, I wanted something cool and/or sweet.   This always happens to me when I snack, I want to balance sweet and salty. Anyone else? I had just a bit of Special K left and it pairs really well with Kefir so I had that.

Then I was feeling quite parched from the tart yogurt and a big glass of water made me FULL. It was big for a snack, that’s for sure.   All day I had been looking forward to spin class but my bad mood was persisting and with a full tummy, I kind of wanted to just nap instead.

After much internal debate, I decided I should go to my favorite spin class of all time because I start marathon training this weekend and I won’t be able to do as much of my beloved spinning.

Ten minutes into the class, I was ecstatic I decided to go and rocking out on my spin bike. I’ve found that when I don’t really want to work out, I try to do “just 15 minutes” and 90% of the time, I want to keep going.  It was possibly the best spin class I’ve ever done; I got into a zone.  The teacher, Julia, had twin babies 4 months ago and is just so excited to be exercising again, she is crazy.  The good crazy!  She just makes us work it .  Right after about the halfway point, where everyone start looking at the clock, she played Sandstorm and we did hill sprints and I don’t like to brag too much but wow, I killed it!   I was loving it so much I kind of wished we had glow sticks to wave around. My legs are like Jell-o now.

Sorry for such a long gush about spinning, it was the best class ever for whatever reason- hey, maybe it was that big snack fueling me! Spinning, will you be my Valentine? ❤

Clearly, I needed to refuel and luckily a friend was over and making pizzas (for the Lost crew). Oh what good timing! I made a big old salad with balsamic first.

The slices were small and I had 1 with pineapple and ham, and 2 with white sauce, ricotta, lemon pepper chicken, mushrooms, onion, olives, and tomato.  Very good pizza, my friends!

What are your favorite pizza toppings? I love tons and tons of vegetables and interesting sauces like barbeque  as a base.  However, when going NY Style, just cheese please.  Kelli and I are actually doing a 2-for-1: Pizza Edition later this week so I’m trying to think outside the box for something different.  ‘Night (or good morning on the east coast ;))!


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I know exactly what you mean about just getting yourself to commit to 15 min! It nver fails- I always end up going way longer. Just gotta bribe yourself a little 😉

That pizza sounds great! I love “different” pizza toppings. Thai peanut chicken, potato bacon kale, garlic shrimp. Mmm! I can’t stand pepperoni or marinara though!

Comment by Sarah Jaye

WHAT, potato bacon kale? I think you may have just changed my life a little. I have to get on that!! Pepperoni gives me heartburn, ick.

Comment by Katie@ Two Lives, One Lifestyle

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