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No use crying over burnt pork… by Kelli
February 3, 2010, 9:34 pm
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Hey all 🙂  When I last left you I was trying to decide on breakfast.  I ended up making an egg sandwich

1 egg, 2 egg whites, a ton of spinach, and some shredded provolone.

All wrapped up in a whole wheat pita with some hot sauce 🙂

I packed up my roasted veggies for lunch, and some trail mix for a snack.

This trail mix was extra special because I topped it with some vanilla yogurt dipped pretzels!  Yum!

It was a crazy day at the office.  Luckily I got to slow down enough around 1PM for some veggies and a little gchat with miss Katie 🙂

After work I headed straight to Bikram.  I really like Bikram, but I mostly like it because of the way I feel when its over.  During the class it is 90 minutes of pure struggle.  Sometimes (like last Saturday) I can get centered and go through the postures in an almost meditative state.  Other times (like tonight) I struggle, breath heavy, and basically look like a giant red balloon falling through all 26 postures.  I know that each and every struggle means the body is changing and improving and will do better the next time.  The good thing is that I feel great now that its over!

This morning I put a pork roast in the crock pot.  It was supposed to cook for 8 hours on low, and Stephen would take it out when he got home (prob 8.5 hours later).  Well, there was a little change of plan!  Stephen ended up having to go to Albany for business all day and didn’t get home until 9 (around the same time i dragged my sweaty butt in from yoga).  Not getting home until 9 meant that the pork was in the crock pot for a good 12 hours.  It was burnt and pretty dry to say the least!

But we were so hungry that we still ate it!!  The pork actually tasted ok, which leads me to believe  that if the recipe would have gone as planned it would have been very tasty!!  This is not the last time we will be meeting pork roast, I’ll be back…


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woo hoo gchat!

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