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Monday Morning Good Mood by Katie
February 1, 2010, 1:48 pm
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Like I predicted, after a late lunch and then margs, salsa, and chips while watching the Pro Bowl, John and I never got hungry enough to make a real dinner.  I was going to make salad but he suggested we eat the carrot cake slice we bought at Whole Foods.  I said okay.  If you’ve never had WF carrot cake, do yourself a favor and never buy it because you will get addicted go buy some right now.  They sell huge “slices” aka possibly a whole quarter of a cake so it is completely share-able.

Also as I predicted, my stomach hated me for my fun eats.  I’m not sure if it’s food allergies, gall bladder problems, or just a “sensitive stomach” (all have been suggested by doctors but then I never go back…) but I guess it isn’t bad enough to totally deter me from enjoying indulgences.  I woke up around 3 AM and spent awhile hanging out with John’s roommate’s dog in the bathroom feeling like I might get sick.  Ok, enough grossness.

When I woke up I was back to normal and hungry!  Before I left, I split up the chicken we had prepared last night and made myself an egg + egg white + Kerrygold Irish Cheddar (try it!) on a whole wheat roll.

I ate it while letting my car warm up.  Cool steamy sun picture!

I drank coffee on my drive and then stopped at Runner’s Roost for my new shoes!!! That were the wrong size! 😦 They put in another order for me and I should have them by Thursday. They also told me they could probably only get the hot pink ones that fast (I need them to start training) and they hoped I didn’t mind- um, now I just want them more!  With all the anticipation for these shoes, I hope they live up to my expectations.

I forgot to post these cool pictures I took yesterday at El Camino, where we watched the Pro Bowl.  Right above us was a chandelier made of beer cans. I’m making one for the future man cave bar area I will have in my dream house that has both a classy cocktail party bar area and a man cave bar room.  Let’s be friends so I can have lots of people over to my sweet future house.

They used all different beer cans and John pointed out they were all shotgunned like a good frat bro would.  I knew Wikpedia would have a good description of the “technique.”

Lastly, I noticed this description for Cabo Wabo tequila, and immediately added it to my must try list: mineral, pine, AND wet cement?! Sounds like a high school basement party- yum!

I’ll take whiskey over tequila any day.  Who has some fun Monday plans??


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Oh my gosh you just made my night! Carrot CAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is my absolute favorite dessert. I’ve gotten it once from WFs. It was one of those deluxe mini round ones. Oh boy!! I’m gonna dream of carrot cake tonight thanks to you 🙂

Comment by Allie (Live Laugh Eat)

I have tried to make “healthy” versions but it is sooo worth it to eat the real thing.

Comment by Katie@ Two Lives, One Lifestyle

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