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2-4-1: I Like Margs by Katie
January 31, 2010, 10:32 pm
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Brekkie went undocumented- cereal at John’s parents, and then right over to the gym for possibly the toughest elliptical workout I have ever had!  I did a pre-set random hill workout and I jacked up the resistance.  Afterwards I had zero appetite, even after showering and drying my hair, it was missing.   Hello??  I had grapes but I really did not feel like eating.  I’m worried about this a bit with marathon training.  I tend to lose my appetite after a tough workout.

Eventually, we made our way to a nice outdoor mall area with a brand-new, gorgeous, huge Whole Foods.  After some perusing, I had an appetite and filled up on hot bar Indian food- red curry tofu (just okay) and green curry veggies (great), plus some shredded chicken Korma and roasted mushrooms.  Not the greatest picture..

While we were at Whole Foods, John and I came up with a dinner plan.  We started off deciding on chicken- $2.99 per pound with the skin and bones versus $6.99 without!  As long as I’m not grilling it, sooo worth the 5 extra minutes to remove the skin and bones!  I thought it would be good to shred it and top it with barbeque sauce.  John picked the sauce.  As he browsed he said “I’m trying to find a local sauce” and my heart was taken.  Sigghhhh!   After deciding on the rest of dinner, we got the aforementioned lunch.  I was seriously impressed and happy to hear the two comments “Nah, not pizza, I want something healthier” and “brown rice, please.”   I like that we have our individual interests on many fronts and I don’t push healthier eating too much but it is a bit easier when eating habits overlap!

Anywayyyy, after our grocery trip, John really wanted to watch the Pro Bowl but only has basic cable (really with an antennae!) so we were “forced” to go to a Sunday night happy hour that Kel mentioned.

El Camino is close-ish (John lives in a nearby ‘up and coming’ area ;)) and we will go back.   I don’t find a lot of house margaritas to be good- too much mix and not enough “real” ingredients.  But these were fantastic! At $3.75 a pop, I wanted to forget it was Sunday night altogether!  We enjoyed some a tonnnn of chips and salsa with our margaritas and football watching.  I’ll be honest, mostly I was texting with friends I miss rather than watching football.  Way more tipsy than usual on a Sunday but I start marathon training soon so I used that excuse.

Now, we’re watching the Grammy’s and not hungry for the big dinner we planned.  It might just end up being salad and carrot cake?  ‘Night!


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I know what you mean about the lack of appetite! I find that I usually am not hungry at all after my long runs…it’s a few days later that it really kicks in!! Like last week, I ran 10 miles Sunday and it took until Thursday for me feel it! And Friday, I could not eat enough! I packed in tons of protein and found my stomach grumbling every two hours! I’m hoping my body gets with the program so I know when to expect the hunger (so I can prepare)!!

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