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Weekend!!!!! by Kelli
January 30, 2010, 8:48 am
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Happy weekend everyone!  As soon as I got out of my prison cell cubicle I came home and had this beauty…

It was a Dogfish head beer that I had never tried before.  Pretty heavy, but a great rich flavor.

Rewind to earlier on Friday…  After a living room arms work out courtesy of P90X and my “home gym” I enjoyed some toast.  My kitchen is lacking right now.  I never had a chance to grocery shop this week and am completly out of all breakfast ingredients.

For lunch I tried an Amy’s burrito (see, its different than soup!) and was surprised at how good it was!  It tasted a little stale, but was still satifying.  I also got to come home for lunch on Friday!  I just needed to get away from the office for a little while.  It was a very welcome break.

Friday night is ALWAYS date night in our house.  We are SO busy during the week, and Stephen works such crazy hours, and we feel it is so important to have some quality time together.  Lasy night we tried a new place that is attached to the basketball hall of fame in Springfield, MA (we live right on the border of MA and CT).  It’s called Onyx and it was a Japanese fusion place.  The atmosphere was super cool and not too trendy.  I HATE when new restaurants try to be super trendy and blar loud music (wow, I sounded old there!). 

Before dinner more beer was consumed…

And appetizers were shared…

I got the Baked Alaskan Roll for dinner.  It was so good and I was so hungry that I was over half way done before I took a picture!

We came home and had some great talks, and did our FAVORITE THING EVER (no, not that you perverts:) ) looked at houses online!  We are starting to work with a realtor and look for a house 🙂  I am SO excited.  I am apaprently super picky though and it might make it a really long process.  Luckily Stephen is an incredible handy man and can honestly fix or remodel anything.  His sister bought a house about 3 years ago that had hideous shag carpet and bright blue and floral wall paper.  Stephen and his family completely remodeled it over one summer and it is one of the most magnificant houses I have ever seen!   

After getting almost 10 hours of sleep I woke up to an apple with peanut butter…

I have been on a peanut butter and not almond butter kick lately.  I’m not sure why, but I’m gonna go with it. 

Now I am off to Bikram!  It is 0 degrees outside, so the heat is going to feel SO good!  Have a great Saturday everyone!!!


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I just came across your blog the other day and I really enjoy reading it!!
I would love it if you could check out my blog and follow as well 🙂

Comment by Jenna

cool plate you have your apples on, i like it! have fun at bikram, such a great workout

Comment by Stef @ moretolifethanlettuce

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