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Saturday at the In-Rules by Katie
January 30, 2010, 11:49 pm
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We are staying with John’s parents for the day/night and his mom made us tuna salad sandwiches for lunch on this delicious whole grain bread (I think it’s from Costco).  On the side, we had cherry tomatoes and baby carrots.  It was so nice of her to make lunch- and a delicious one at that!!  What do you call your boyfriend’s mom? Since we’re not married, it’s not in-laws, so maybe in-rules?  It’s not permanently official, but still worth upholding- such as a law versus a rule.  Deep thoughts, brought to you by 2 glasses of wine ;).

After lunch, I headed out to find my new shoes- Mizuno Wave Inspires.  I’ve tried these on, ran around outside the store in them, had my stride video taped and analyzed with these on, and read a ton of great reviews but have postponed buying them.  I checked out Runner’s Roost and they were out of my size completely! They called the other Denver store and they were out too.  So finally, they checked with the Fort Collins store and they are holding me a pair until Monday.  My current shoes are literally falling apart and even with the beautiful weather, I decided running in them would not be worth potential minor injuries a week before I begin marathon training.

I headed to the gym (I go to 24 Hour Fitness and pay a few bucks extra per month so I can use their gyms in Ft. Collins and in Denver) to do Lift #3: Biceps and Back.

  • 10 minute ellipticizer warm up
  • Seated Row: 3 x 12 @ 50 lbs.
  • Lat pulldown: 3 x 15 @ 50 lbs.
  • Stability Ball Ys and Ts: 3 x 10 of each with 5-lb. dumbbells
  • 21s: [7 lower half, 7 upper half, 7 full] x 3 with 10-lb. dumbbells
  • Stability Ball Back extension:  3 x 12
  • Frog crunches: 3 x 15
  • Hammer curls: 3 x 15 with 12-lb. dumbbells
  • Some other random ab work- reminder to review v-ups!

I totally upped my weight on several moves!  I am starting to notice that my arms feel firmer (I know, it hasn’t even been that long!) and now that I have the exercise forms down pat, I feel like a pro at the gym- no more nervousness.  I hope to keep up the upper body workouts once I start marathon training, but maybe not the leg workouts.  Any previous marathoners have tips?

Post- workout, I snacked on some granola (unknown brand in a Tupperware but tasty) and milk.

The afternoon went by so fast- I caught up on blog reading and did some job searching (and applying woo hoo), watched some of the X Games and started reading Greg Mortenson’s second book.  He wrote Three Cups of Tea, which I highly recommend if you have not already read it.  It is about Greg Mortenson, who was a mountain climber, as he starts building schools in rural areas of Pakistan and the positive and lasting effects of education on a community for children, especially girls, in a third world area.

For dinner, we ate with John’s parents again- broiled steak and acorn squash.  There was a pasta salad too but it came out after the picture was taken.

Along with dinner, we enjoyed a glass of wine that John opened like a professional…

After dinner as we continued chatting, we had some Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches- those things are goood!

Now, it’s time for more reading and maybe some snuggling and Saturday Night Live!


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I talked to my TNT Running coach yesterday at our Kick Off Party and asked about strength training. He said there is not issue with working your arms and to definitely do some core work which will help with posture so many other things when it comes to running! As far as legs go, he said a little here and there is fine, but to not over do it. If you incorporate some hills (they don’t even have to be big), that should do the trick. I know about a month ago I was doing a balance ball dvd with legs and had a difficult time running the next day, my legs felt like bricks. On my XT training days (2-3 days a week) I do some incline walking (6-12% over the course of an hour), it’s a challenge and my legs feel fine the next day.

I’m by no means an expert, just sharing what I’ve experienced!

Comment by Olivia

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