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Dijon Brussels Sprouts by Katie
January 29, 2010, 12:10 am
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This morning I joked with Kelli that although we didn’t do an official “2-for-1” this week, we may have well called the posts about our respective Wednesday night’s “2-for-1: Emotional Eating.”  Hey, it happens. Especially when hormones are being wacky *hint*hint*.

At lunch, my foil covered wrap tasted amazing after a quick minute in the microwave (I removed and then replaced the foil post-microwave, don’t worry).  I added just enough of my mom’s hot peppers- it was spicy but not omg-must-chug-water-now spicy.   Good spicy adjective.

My afternoon was really stressful which caused my hunger levels to drop.  When I am moderately stressed, I want to eat tons. When I am SERIOUSLY stressed, I lose my appetite.  Once I chilled out at home, I was ready for a snack, which was grapefruit and the rest of my PB Puffins (probs only 1/4 c.) with almond milk.

As I was snacking, I started watching the Lifetime movie, The Pregnancy Pact.  Of course I got sucked in and HAD to see the whole thing.  I worked on my fund-raising letters during the movie so I felt a little more productive.   The movie wasn’t very good but I mean, it was on Lifetime… my hopes weren’t that high.  After the movie, it was kind of late but I decided I should go at least lift at the gym- biceps and back day- but once I got there, I realized I had left my lifting notes at home and could only remember a few moves.  As soon as I hopped on the elliptical, MTV’s Teen Mom was on and um, I stayed on for almost an hour instead of my originally planned “at least 20 minutes.”  So my evening was just full of teen pregnancy.

How do you feel about these shows? I was nervous about MTV’s show before I watched it because I thought it might glamorize teen pregnancy.  However, once I watched an episode, I didn’t think it would encourage teens to get pregnant at all. It makes me scared still!

I was starving after my extended-TV-induced workout and decided to defrost a meal I had frozen a long time ago.  I made this Braised Beef with Carrots and Parsnips for John and I quite awhile ago but the day after eating it, I got the flu so I froze the leftovers.  Due to bad times the day after eating this if you catch my drift, I’ve hesitated to eat it again.

I honestly couldn’t eat much of it- I got full really fast and the taste was well, reminding me of not so nice times.  I really hate to waste food but sometimes, it happens.   While the stew was defrosting, I made some brussels sprouts too.  Good thing!

I halved them and started cooking them over medium heat in a layer of water to steam them.

Once the water boiled off, I reduced the heat and added ~1.5 Tbsp. of Dijon mustard and ~1 Tbsp. of crushed up walnuts and stirred everything to coat.  I let the sprouts brown a bit and then ate these suckers up.

After my partially unsuccessful dinner, I had a serving of unpictured So Delicious Coconut Milk Cookie Dough ice cream.  I really didn’t like this stuff at first but it is growing on me a little.  While I am a huge shredded coconut fan, I don’t like artificial coconut flavor, which is what this tastes like to me. Just way too coconut-y.  Artificial coconut tastes like old-school hair mousse smells.  Or is that just me??


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