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THOSE kind of days… by Kelli
January 28, 2010, 8:08 am
Filed under: Kelli

Sorry for the lack of post yesterday!  Yesterday was the kind of day that started out with me getting all the way to work and realizing I had forgotten my computer.  In the middle it was the kind of day where there was no way I was going to be able to stop for lunch (I did end up getting to take a little time to heat up my Amy’s later in the day 🙂 ) And it ended with an arguement with my husband, two slices of pizza, a beer and a half, and crashing into bed at 9PM.  Haha, yup sometimes we just have one of those days!  It seems to come when trying to get year end numbers out for accountants!  As stressful as yesterday was it was NOTHING like it used to be during tax season last year, which is what I kept telling myself all day 🙂  I really have no idea how I worked almost 16 hours everyday of the week!

An update on my sister in law:

She was sent home from the hospital late the same night she was admitted.  They determined that the contractions were caused by EXTREME heartburn, dehydration, and exhaustion.  She works as a high school guidance coulselor during the day and privately counsels kids and teenagers at night, so she is super busy.  Now that she is in her third trimester she is SO tired and definately needs to take it slow 🙂  The baby is also in position to deliver!  He is going to be just like his mom and will be EARLY and ready to go somewhere!

Have a great Thursday!


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