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Cuppycakes by Katie
January 28, 2010, 10:42 am
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I’ve tried many new things this past week: kabocha, almond milk, and Green Monsters.  Last night, I continued with the trend.. um, sort of, by doing things out of the ordinary.   Like swimming as a workout and eating 3 cupcakes.  Two days ago my roommate brought home some extra unfrosted cupcakes his friend had given him.  Since we couldn’t figure out who doesn’t want frosting on their cupcakes, we broke out some frosting hiding in the cupboards and went to work.  But then we had tons of frosting left.  So what is the logical choice?  Bake more cupcakes!

After work, I had one.. plus some salsa and tortilla chips as a snack.

Then my gym friend (who I haven’t seen since before the holidays!) called me to ask if I wanted to swim with her.  I can bike for hours, push myself in running, but I hate swimming.  I love being in and around water- lakes, oceans, pools- but in a leisurely swim, playing games, or boating kind of way.  I sucked it up though and went.  Eventually I would like to do another triathlon so maybe just doing leisurely laps while I’m not actually training for a race will help me enjoy swimming more. All in all though, it was a pretty pathetic workout on my part!  Right before that, I did most of Intro to Iron Pumping Leg Workout. I didn’t finish it afterwards because I wanted to watch the State of the Union Address!

While watching Obama, I whipped up some Betty Crocker cupcakes… and ate another one since it was warm from the oven… plus some batter.

After this, I started feeling a little nauseated from all the sugar.  For dinner, I though a bunch of vegetables would be a good idea.   While more cupcakes baked (foreshadowing!), I sliced grape tomatoes into a pan with spinach and artichokes.



Spinach shrinkage.  I added one egg whisked with a bunch of carton egg whites and a sprinkle of shredded gouda.  Egg photos are so not pretty.  These ones must have picked up hues of the spinach and the tomatoes- red + green= a gorgeous shade of brown.

Later, there was another cupcake and a glass of wine with my roommate and his friend Clay.  I’m taking these bad boys to work and giving them away.  Even though I clearly consumed enough food yesterday, I woke up STARVING- does this happen to anyone else after eating tons of sugar??  More on breakfast later!

Alright, time to head to the post office and lay down the law.  I’ve called and left several messages with the “maintenance department,” which I think might not really exist.  There is half a key stuck in our mailbox- due to my growing biceps of course and not my impatience- and we really want it fixed!  Did I mention I also broke a chip bag clip into pieces and then turned on a lamp which started sparking and smoking?! It’s been an interesting week ;).


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I rarely eat cupcakes, but to celebrate the end of the term before Christmas break, a friend and I made a huge batch of Funfetti cupcakes w/the funfetti icing. I was so excited because I loved these as a kid and my mom rarely let me eat them! Anyway, I of course licked the bowl and then ate 1 1/2 cupcakes and was so nauseous for hours after. And then yes, like you said I remember being STARVING the next morning. Never again. They weren’t even good to me anymore – way too much sugar. Ek, I hate that sick feeling!

Comment by Olivia

Funfetti!!! We (Kelli + me + other roommates) made those for every birthday/holiday during our senior year of college.

Comment by Katie@ Two Lives, One Lifestyle

I’m not a huge fan of frosting, either, I gotta say. 😉 It depends on the quality of the frosting. So I guess I’m a frosting snob… oops.

Anyway, dinner looks fabulous pre-eggs, but still tasty post-eggs. I can imagine.

Comment by Jaime

haha, glad you are up for using your imagination, because egg pictures are always pretty unappetizing, though they taste phenom

Comment by Katie@ Two Lives, One Lifestyle

I am not a frosting fan….also I broke a plastic bowl….it fell on the ground and it broke into three pieces. My Madeline bowl:[

Comment by Madelyn

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