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Green Monster for Strength! by Katie
January 26, 2010, 9:59 pm
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Mid-morning I snacked on a chopped apricot (I do not think I’ve ever bought a real apricot before, just the dried variety), Fage, and toffee granola from Sunflower.  This granola was tasty, but how can one go wrong when toffee is in the name?!

Lunch was leftovers from Sunday night- half a whole wheat calzone with pesto, cheese, chicken, roasted red peppers, tomatoes, and artichokes.  We go out to eat too much, but at least I usually get two meals out of it.

Sometime in the afternoon, my sister texted me this picture of a yogurt bar she just discovered at her new college- impressive amounts of fresh berries!!  I was so proud and excited when she messaged me this weekend to let me know the blog had inspired her to eat better and ask what to add to Greek yogurt! 🙂  I really don’t think she was ever unhealthy by any means though a few more vegetables and fruits couldn’t hurt.

On the way home from work, I stopped to buy a zucchini for my dinner plans and grabbed a new jar of peanut butter.  I had to try this Bee’s Knees immediately, and the little protector seal was a good scooper into my mouth. I like the subtle honey flavor.

After a couple of peanut butter scoops, I didn’t feel like a snack before the gym- SPINNING with Julia! LOVE this class.  She is tough and makes me push, push, push.  Halfway through though, the hunger hit me and my stomach felt so empty.  I was breathing so hard, I was filling up my stomach with air and kept burping! 😛  Has this ever happened to anyone?! It was awful!

I was so hungry by the time I left I needed something ASAP, and decided to try my first Green Monster.  I have seen these all over but have been skeptical. This is my skeptical-but-need-nourishment-sweaty-post-gym face.

First, I added the following to the blender:

  • handful of spinach (~1 c.)
  • whatever plain kefir remained in the carton (~1/2 c.)
  • water swished in kefir carton to get it all (~1 c.).

I thoroughly blended this because I was scared of getting a chunk of spinach while sipping which would probably make me gag and never try a Monster again.

After I had a nice pale green liquid with no dark green specks, I added:

  • 1/2 banana
  • ~7 frozen peach slices (what I had left in the bag)

The end result:

Guinness Green Monster for Strength!  The green hue and Guinness glass made me do a little jig.  Not really. Well, maybe.

I couldn’t get a picture that captured the color well but if you didn’t know there was spinach in it, you would probably guess it to be a mint milkshake.  Anyway- I LOVED IT! I need to stop being skeptical of all these new and sometimes bizarre-looking concoctions I come across on blogs!  Always good. It was cool and refreshing and filled me up (for a little while at least, I would need to add more spinach and some sort of protein or fat to make this have staying power).  In case there are any skeptics, it doesn’t taste like spinach AT ALL.  It tasted like banana and yogurt mostly.

Alright, time for a shower and then dinner, which might be just a bunch of snacks depending on my hunger levels after this Monster digests.


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