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Almond Milk Trials by Katie
January 26, 2010, 12:21 pm
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I’ve seen almond milk on a bunch of different blogs but since I like regular milk and soy milk,  there was never much reason to buy it.   Whole Foods had a lovely display and it was on sale so I decided to give it a try!  This morning, I added some vanilla almond milk to my oats and my coffee.

Into the pan: 1/3 c. oats, 2/3 c. almond milk + 1/3 c. water, 1/2 banana, sprinkles of cinnamon.  I noticed that the almond milk was absorbed very quickly by the oats.   It cooked really rapidly and the result was creamy and slightly chewier oats.  I liked it better than my usual water-only oats (I just don’t buy milk very often).  The vanilla taste wasn’t noticeable but that could be due to the bananas and the peanut butter I added on top.

I definitely loved the almond milk in my coffee- I usually drink my coffee black unless I get a misto or latte at Starbs!  The coffee flavor was a cinnamon spice (for Christmas I got a flavor variety pack of individual servings- perfect) and with the vanilla almond milk, this was heavenly.

Almond milk synopsis: I like it better than soy milk for sure.  With soy milk, I feel like the flavor is always evident and sometimes overpowers whatever you just poured it on top of. The almond milk texture is thinner like regular milk and the I liked it immediately whereas the soy milk flavor and texture took some getting used to.  I still don’t like soy milk by itself, but I like it in granola and oatmeal, etc.   I’m glad I tried it! I will be buying it again, trying some other flavors- I bet some chocolate almond milk in oats would be incredible.

What’s  your favorite “milk”? I’ve seen rice milk too, maybe I will try it out for the sake of trying new things!


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I’ve been drinking almond milk for about two months now and I love it! I’m not really a fan of soy milk, although I have used the vanilla soy “creamer” to make french toast in the past. We get Almond Breeze, original flavor. Still haven’t tried hemp or goat’s milk.

I’m glad you enjoyed the experiment!

Comment by Jaime

I used to HATE milk. Never ever would I even think to sit and have a glass or even eat cereal! And yet about a year ago I started craving it, so weird! I started buying organic skim milk and have been going through about a half-gallon a week! I also used to drink soy milk, but then all of a sudden stopped liking it. I actually just bought Almond Breeze last week and love it! I’ve used it to make my breakfast cookies, oats, and green monsters.

And like you said, it’s really great in coffee/tea. I usually just use a little organic half and half, but tried the Almond Milk in my tea the other day too and loved it.

Comment by Olivia

Gah, I LOVE alllll milk. I used to hate any of it until a few years ago…I don’t really know what changed! I like soy, almond, rice, regular…yum.

Comment by Katie

I’m lactose intolerent so I drink soy milk. I had to try a few brands before I found one I like. I usually get Silk light plain, but if I go to Trader Joes I am actually really fond of their unsweetened soy milk.

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Comment by

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