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An Alex Weekend by Kelli

Hey bloggies!  I missed you all while I was away this weekend!  Stephen and I spent a great weekend in PA with my family.  I love visiting my nephew, Alex!  Its amazing how much he grows and develops each time I see him.  He is running around, talking A LOT, and trying all kinds of new food!  I was especially excited when I saw him eating asparagus 🙂  Maybe we have another future foodie in our family 🙂

Here are some great pictures of him from this weekend…

He is so freaking cute!  I am trying to upload a really cute video of him “running” down the stairs, but no go so far.

Another great treat of the weekend was going to The Bull Run Inn!

The Bull Run was “the bar” in college and Katie and I have spent MANY nights there drinking beer, eating wings and sweet potato fries, and creating awesome memories.  Whenever you go to the Bull Run you need to get Bull Dip!  Its a spinach dip with cheddar cheese on top served with garlic pitas, and its INCREDIBLE!

We had a great lunch at the Bull Run with the whole fam including my Aunt, Uncle, and cousins!  The rest of the weekend went by in a blur, and I totally forgot to take a lot of pictures!  We got back late last night and I plopped right into bed…

This morning I woke up and tested out my new Immersion Blender!!!!  While we were in PA we did our Christmas gift exchange (since the snow ruined our trip before Christmas).  My brother had my name this year and got me the blender!  I was excited to try it out on my protein shake this morning…

1 cup almond milk , berries, 1 nanner, 1 scoop protein, and spinach.  I was SO impressed with this blender.  It was easy to use and blended everything perfectly.  I HATE when I sip a random spinach leaf that did not fully blend, and that didn’t happen at all!

Lunch was some Amy’s veggie lentil (I found a low sodium kind!)

And for a snack I packed some raw coconut, walnuts, and dried papya

After work I headed to my favorite 6:30 Monday night spin class!  I haven’t made it to this class the past few weeks due to some later nights at work.  Unfortunately, if I don’t leave my desk by 6:15 then I can’t get a bike.  Class was awesome!  Just as hard and amazing as I remember 🙂

When I got home I was starving.  I made an egg white puff with mushrooms, avocado, spinach, some swiss cheese, and some hot sauce.  I had some toast with Stephen’s grandmothers homemade raspberry jam!  I swear, she has ruined all other jams for me forever.

It really hit the spot 🙂  I hope everyone had a wonderful Monday!!!


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ahh love your egg white puff! cado and eggs is such a stellar combo!

Comment by julie

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