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Tempeh (yes, again) Reuben by Katie
January 24, 2010, 1:30 am
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Our little brunch held us over quite well today.  Neither us even started feeling hungry until almost 8:30 PM.  We considering making food but that would mean grocery shopping.   If we were going to change out of sweatpants, might as well make it worth it, right?  So we ended up at Vine Street Pub, a small funky restaurant with a hippie vibe, great beer, and cheap delicious food.

We sat at the bar since it was quicker than waiting for a table and I sat right next to a table lamp.  Food blogging with my phone dream come true!  Their Java Porter is one of my favorite Colorado beers (it tastes great but the nostalgic factor comes into this pick due to drinking it the whole summer I was in Boulder), but I love a dark beer on a nitro tap.   A nitro tap basically puts smaller bubbles into the beer than a regular carbon dioxide tap and results in a smoother beer.  Since Vine Street consistently has nitro tapped beers, I ordered one- Nitro Old School Porter.  It was very similar to a Guinness but with a slightly sweeter malt.

It looked like a Guinness!

Story time!! When I was growing up, we had a dalmatian named Guinness because 1) my mom is very Irish and 2) dalmatians and Guinness beer are both known for their black and white contrasting qualities.  I was an awkward kid and sort of hesitant to tell people our dog was named after a beer so I said she was  named after the Guinness Book of World Records, since, you know, it was written in black and white.  Seriously Katie, that makes no sense!

Back to dinner!  Everything on this menu is delicious and I would recommend the nachos, the hummus, the vegetarian black bean chili, the black bean burger, the fries, the salads, the Gooneybird… I don’t want to write down the whole menu but you get the point.  I’ve always been curious about the tempeh reuben but being that I had never tried tempeh (until the past two weeks when I ate it 6 different days), I never ordered this sandwich.  Guess what I picked?

I dislike 1000 Island dressing but ordered it on the side because I wanted to try the vegan version.  Nope, still not a fan!  I also ordered a salad instead of chips- I have been seriously lacking in the vegetable department the past two days.  Plus, I don’t like chips.  Really!  Well, I like the thick-cut baked kinds of chips but not the thin, greasy national brand types unless there is a great French onion chip dip around.

The tempeh was marinated in a soy sauce/ balsamic/ beer/ rosemary mixture (had a nice chat with the server).  The next time I prepare tempeh at home, I will definitely add rosemary- I love that herb.  It didn’t taste like meat at all but it went perfectly with the swiss and sauerkraut. Now with a belly full of delicious food and a delicious beer, I’m going to go snuggle up and watch Funny People.  Anyone seen it?



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