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I’ll Make You Banana Pancakes by Katie
January 24, 2010, 3:06 pm
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…Pretend like it’s the weekend now.

No pretending though.  After going out for a bunch of meals this weekend, it was time to stay in this morning.  We needed some ingredients for pancakes and the grocery store is conveniently located next to the gym.  I considered not doing the gym thing but it was right there, so I hit up the elliptical for some resistance hills and then hit up the store for food.

Pancakes sounded good but I wanted to make them have more staying power.  Flour + sugar + syrup just doesn’t cut it for balance!  So I added some bananas and topped them with peanut butter and a little syrup.

Mix some pancake batter.

Scoop it onto the griddle and add thin banana slices.

Flip and cook.

Enjoy the nicely caramelized bananas in fluffy pancakes.

Add peanut butter and syrup for extra deliciousness.

Watch football for 7 hours?  Only if you’re really lucky.  I need to make up some errands…


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My husband and I love making banana pancakes! When we were in college we used to make them every weekend. We definitely need to do it more often 🙂

Comment by Kristen @ Change of Pace

It was definitely a good decision!

Comment by Katie@ Two Lives, One Lifestyle

haha, football marathons are rough! I eventually have to go into the other room…

Comment by Beth (Mackattack)

Yup, eventually I went in the other room adn started calling friends for catch up chats

Comment by Katie@ Two Lives, One Lifestyle

watch football for 7 hours? yes please!

your pancakes? YES please! i love that you sliced that naner up and put it in! i would have been nervous that the naners would stick to the pan. so brave you are

Comment by julie

I used a little spray in the pan so maybe that helped em not stick?

Comment by Katie@ Two Lives, One Lifestyle

YUM! Peanut butter + banana combo will NEVER get old…especially on *pancakes!* Nothing better 🙂

Comment by Gracie

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