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Purple Hashbrowns by Katie
January 21, 2010, 11:07 pm
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At the end of my work day, I started feeling lightheaded and shaky and I knew I needed some quick sugar.  The low blood sugar thing hasn’t happened in a while but it used to happen all the time in college.  I learned later that alcohol can contribute to low blood sugar problems so that probably, uh.. definitely, explains that.  Like this one time in Perkins… I got a free muffin though.

I treated myself to a favorite from the Whole Foods Bakery- a flourless chocolate cookie.  Ingredients include cocoa, egg whites, chocolate chips, and few other ingredients.

I ate half right away in my car and saved the rest for later.  Someone definitely stared at me as I took this picture in my car. Oh well.

Once I got home, I had a more substantial pre-workout snack: cereal + kefir again.

At the gym, I did The Fitnessista leg workout and intervals on the elliptical.  I pedaled backwards on the higher resistance pieces.  I’m thoroughly enjoying spinning and ellipticizing since my life will be all about running soon!


I had a lot of random pieces of vegetables to use up and I was really craving hashbrowns (no idea why).  I grabbed some local potatoes when I was feinding for the cookie-  they were all about between the size of a golf ball and a lacrosse ball and different colors.   I boiled them briefly and started to chop-chop.

Surprise! Some of them were purple inside!

I was kind of obsessed.  I sautéed the chopped potatoes in olive oil with onion, garlic, and some spices.

Meanwhile, I sautéed green peppers, tomatoes, and the rest of a Portobello and eventually added an egg + egg whites.

Breakfast for dinner:

Yeah, another ‘tato shot because they were much prettier than my egg scramble.  I added mama’s hot peppers and ketchup and life was good.

Enjoying some vino (on sale at Wilbur’s for $7.99!), doing some work, and possibly watching Jersey Shore.. maybe.  Don’t judge.


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yum hash browns sound so good right now. especially fun, colorful ones!

Comment by kate

Breakfast for dinner is my absolute favorite! The purple potatoes really make that plate look pretty! I love extra colorfully foods…they make eating fun!

Comment by Sarena (The Non-Dairy Queen)

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