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My Job by Kelli
January 21, 2010, 9:32 pm
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After reading Meghann’s post about her job I decided to make a little post of my own about the job (or 3 jobs) I have held since graduating from college.  The job I hold currently is not my DREAM job, but it is pretty damn close.  I am a hedge fund accountant.  You have all heard of Bernie Maddoff, right?  Well in a post-Maddoff world I am everything when it comes to hedge funds.  Investors DEMAND independent administrators to issue their capital statements (the statements they get every month that tells them what their original millions are now worth) and that is where I come in.  I take the financials that the hedge fund produces and conduct the accounting that then becomes the investor statements for each investor.  For most hedge funds an investor must have a minimum of $1 million to invest, and  must basically sign their life away.  The hedge fund managers OWN this money and will do with it what they please, however, they must be honest about what is going on with that money.  That is where Madoff got in trouble, he wasn’t honest with what he was doing with people’s money.  He told them he was making a much higher return than he was and was lying.  I basically tell people what is happening with their very hard-earned money based on the trades and sales that the hedge funds have made throughout the month.  I really love my job.  Everyday I face a different challenge and everyday I face a different problem.  My clients demand everything, and I try my best to give it to them.

Is this my dream job?  No, my dream job is living at Bucknell with Katie and the rest of the girls we lived with our senior year and getting paid for it.  But the fact is that I am very passionate about investor relations and investor services.  I FIRMLY believe that investors should be treated fairly, and that hedge funds should remember exactly WHOSE money they are working with.  I am working everyday for financial regulation and doing my best to make sure that America does not fall into another financial crisis.  While my role might be small, it is very exciting 🙂


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