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Bzzzz-y Bee is Me by Katie
January 21, 2010, 3:47 pm
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Between my research, writing my thesis, writing an article to be published, signing up for and beginning to fundraise for the TNT San Diego Rock N Roll Marathon, searching for jobs, writing cover letters, volunteering with Bucknell admissions (talk to/ hopefully convince prospective students to GO to the best place on earth), doing blog things, and getting back on the workout bandwagon.. I am busy!!  I was feeling rather bored out of my mind with having only grad school + the gym last fall.   In high school and college I was ALWAYS busy; involved in everything.

I moved to CO and started grad school and decided to relax on all the extracurricular activities.   Colorado is a great place to meet laid-back people enjoying the pleasures of life.  John is from CO and totally embodies this.  One thing I have learned from him is how to not take life so seriously all the time 🙂 .

The other day, Ashley wrote about being Type A or Type B or a combination.  I have been Type A most of my life but took a little time to try out Type B I guess you could say.  Sometimes you need a breather for oh, you know, a few months.   It was nice for awhile but I function better when I have a lot to do.  I plan my day better and don’t waste (as much) time dilly-dallying on the internet or watching tons of TV. Now, I’m headed straight back to Type A and it’s totally motivating me!

Okay enough on my life introspection-  breakfast today!  I started with 1/3 c. oats + 1 c. water + a splash of vanilla + 1/2 a banana over medium heat.  I saved the other banana half for toppings.

Once the oats were almost done, I whipped in about 1/4 c. of egg whites. Holy fluffage! My humongous bowl was almost filled up! I added the rest of the banana, almond butter, flax seed, and fun in the form of butterscotch chips.

After breakfast, my coffee and I headed to the office.  I laid off the coffee for awhile but I’ve been so excited about all I have going on, I have had trouble falling asleep but I still literally leap out of bed at 6 AM.  Being excited about life is not something to be worried about though!

In terms of my research, there is a lot of background stuff but let’s jump to where I am now, which is a computer simulation model of the body.  Basically what I do all day:

change something in the model, run it, see results
change again, run it, see results
change again, run it, see results

note trend, make a decision, return to start


I closed my Google Reader and focused today, stopping for some grapefruit

And then lunch: more spaghetti squash (all gone now!) + marinara + ricotta + 1/2 a portobello sauteed with Italian seasoning + rest of the tempeh.  This combination worked so well and used up tons of leftovers!

Alright, back to it!  How do you keep yourself motivated and productive?


Oh PS– My arms are basically lumps of lead today. Thanks for such a great workout, Gina!


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I consider myself to be smack dab in the middle of type A and type B. Like you the busier I am, the more motivated I am. Right now I am not very busy at work, so I have little motivation during the day (at the moment). Hopefully that will change in a few months!

Comment by Meg @ Be Fit Be Full

Oooh I wish I WASN’T type A…I’m a freak, and I wish I could relax!

Comment by Katie

Yes, I’d say you’re pretty busy!! I’m with you though, unless I have a good amount on my plate – I find myself dilly dallying and not getting much done. I’ve always worked best under deadlines and am lacking in that department lately – I need my deadlines!

I need to try the egg whites in oats combo. The extra protein could never hurt!

Comment by Olivia

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