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P90X by Kelli
January 19, 2010, 6:42 am
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Morning bloggies! After a solid 8 hours of sleep I am feeling much better 🙂 I havn’t talked much about P90X, and wanted to give everyone the lay of the land with this workout plan… Here is how it works. I have a “fitness guide” that tells me what DVD to do everyday of the week (6 days in a row). Since I am doing the “P90X Lean” they incorporate a low of the “Cardio X” dvd and “Yoga X” dvd. According to the instructions if you do a power, hot, or bikram yoga class you can replace the yoga dvd. You can also replace the cardio dvd if you are a runner or want to do some other kind of cardio. Now that I have gone through week 1 I feel like I can give a pretty solid review on these workouts. So here is what my first 3 weeks look like on this plan:

Day 1_ Core Synergistics. This DVD is awesome. I works the entire core and then some. Through doing moves like planks, push ups, “banana’s”, and other core strengthening calorie blasting goodness. Whenever I do this DVD my entire CORE (not just abs) is sore. This includes my pecs (boobies!), abs, and back.

Day 2_ Cardio X. This is replaced with a 5 mile run.

Day 3_ Shoulder & Arms, Ab Ripper X This workout is big on using dumb bells or resistance bands. I already had dumb bells, so I didn’t bother buying a resistance band. I tend to stick with 5lbs and 8 lbs dumb bells with this workout. This workout is a great combination of curls, presses, and flys. It really keeps my muscles guessing and left me pretty sore the next day. I honestly can’t remember the last time I was sore from an arm workout. Maybe this means I wasn’t working hard enough before, but that is definitely not a problem now! And the ab ripper? My abs definitely ripped.

Day 4_ Yoga X. I tried this dvd and really wasn’t a fan. I decided I’ll replace it with a Bikram class instead. I would rather do Bikram than listen to some guy (Tony Horton) ramble on. He probably has not been practicing yoga regularly or for as long as my Bikram instructor, and all his chit chat about how great P90X is makes it very hard to find your center.

Day 5_ Legs and Back, Ab Ripper. The main focus of this DVD is the legs. There are a variety of moves to strengthen the hamstrings, glutes, quads and calves. However, it also incorporates lots of PULLING for your back muscles. You are going to do everything from a simple lunge to a full pull up in this DVD. Don’t worry if you can’t do a pull up, I use a chair to assist 🙂

Day 6_ Kenpo. Now this one is interesting. This DVD is a glorified kick boxing class, but done at a little bit of a slower and more controled pace. I really didn’t feel like I was working too hard during this work out the first time I did it, but was surprised at how sore my tri’s and bi’s were the next day. Jury is still out on this one.

Day 7_ Rest or Stretch X DVD. I tried the stretch X DVD and I became a big fan. It helps you stretch all those muscles out in different ways. You get to stretch all those muscles that you just used really hard over the last week and boy does it feel good!

After I do this sequence for 3 weeks I am supposed to take a week off from the DVD’s and return to a normal routine. Then weeks 5-8 start. So far I am really enjoying this program. It works my muscles in all different ways, and is achieving the goal of variety very nicely. I did not buy this program to become “ripped” or look like Madonna (aka: sinewy arms. ew) I bought it to have a solid strength workout throughout the week and to incorporate lots of variety in my strength routines. So far, p90X is beating every expectation 🙂


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LOOOOOVE (!) p90x 🙂 🙂

Comment by Lauren (Biochemista)

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