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January 16, 2010, 4:52 pm
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Don’t ask me what possessed me to stay up till almost 6 AM but um, it happened.  After the bars closed, we ended up at friend’s loft having a dance party till the wee hours of the morning.  Literally, I was awake for 24 hours.  I was making some good decisions though and I switched to water around 2 AM.  I obviously messed up any chance of a normal sleep schedule but I don’t feel awful this morning afternoon.

Anyway, John and I started the night meeting up with aunt at her house and snacking on some cheese and Pinot Noir.  Once her boyf came over, we headed to Forest Room 5 for tapas: truffle fries (again!), bacon-wrapped scallops, crabcakes, and filet de brie.  The fries were the best piece of fry I ever put to my lips. They weren’t too oily and had delicious partially melted parmesan shavings and rosemary sprinkled on top.  I could eat them everyday.  The crabcakes were also very good and the scallops were good but pretty standard.  Everyone was a bit disappointed with filet de brie (bread round + filet mignon + melted brie) because the meat was so chewy and a little burned.  I don’t eat much filet mignon but I thought it should be more tender and flavorful.  Then there was more going out and drinks and then well, it was 6 AM.

I woke up around 11:30 completely famished and feeling light headed since we had dinner15 hours ago or something. My aunt makes amazing granola which I must eventually learn to make and share.  It has raisins and coconut and pecans, walnuts, sunflower seeds.. just an endless array of goodness.

After some trashy TV watching and a little more napping, I was hungry again and really wanted like, fried greasy potatoes and eggs.  Instead I tried for some more nutrition.  If John wasn’t at work this morning, I may have conned him into a more greasy breakfast but I only had ingredients for a big, huge salad.

Mixed greens, avocado, scallions, and briefly microwaved broccoli.  I tried this Annie’s Cowgirl Ranch and I’m not loving it.  Maybe it’s the sorta weird combo of veggies but it just had a strange texture and a taste I can’t really compare to anything.

The salad ended up tasting amazing and now I’m going to redeem my life for the day by going to the gym to do Day #2 of the Fitnessista plan.  OH, and if you hadn’t noticed, after gushing all about Team in Training to Kel, she went to a meeting in CT and signed up for the San Diego Marathon!!!!   Look out world, Two Lives, One Lifestyle is hitting up the west coast marathon style!!!!! I’m so, so excited to have such a great friend to run this with!

Later peeps,



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