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To Marathon or Not To Marathon, That is The Question. by Katie
January 15, 2010, 2:58 pm
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All my running life (which has been awhile), I’ve never run any plain old running race.  I’ve done 2 triathlons so I guess technically I have raced 2 5ks + the other stuff.   I decided at New Year’s to resolve to run some races, but I was thinking 5k, 10k, half-marathon at the most.  I first heard about Team in Training (TNT) on Healthy Tipping Point, where Caitlin just completed a marathon with TNT.  And then as fate would have it, they sent me a flyer in the mail all about the Rocky Mountain chapter.  I decided to go to the meeting with the thought of maybe signing up for the half marathon that is in Colorado.  An hour later, I was almost jittery-excited at the prospect of signing up for a marathon in San Diego with an incredible organization. I held off on signing up until I was a little less pumped up and could make a more rational decision.


  • TNT provides training support which would be SO helpful in my first marathon
  • Meaning behind the run: At least 75 cents on the dollar raised goes straight to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society
  • TNT arranges and pays for air travel, accommodations, and race entry business which would take some stress/costs away
  • The ability to have a group of other people to train with locally and run with there
  • More than just personal goals to go through with it, I want to raise money for those diagnosed with blood cancers!
  • I could always do the half if life gets in the way of training too much
  • TNT offers lots of fundraising support and ideas
  • San Diego would be a BEAUTIFUL place to race and it is being offered at a discounted fundraising goal


  • I am completing graduate school this semester at yet-to-be-determined thesis defense date (read: huge stressful, time-consuming event) that will most likely fall between March and May, smack dab in the middle of training
  • I might get a job before June 6th or move away from Denver which would mean some snags in the whole traveling part (but I could continue to train wherever I might be)
  • If I start a job or job training, I might not be able to go to the marathon!
  • It’s far from friends and family so they might not be able to come out and support
  • It’ll be tough work that I must commit myself to
  • Can I really do it!??!?!

So mostly, it’s a perfect idea other than the uncertainty of my school/job/location in the next 6 months.  I really think I could handle the fundraising aspect and as I already spend time working out everyday, this wouldn’t add-on too much with the exception of some long Saturday runs.   Anyone have any other pros and cons?! I’d love to know from experienced marathoners.



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pros – you do something that a lot of people don’t have the drive and dedication to achieve.

cons – you have to run… a lot. 🙂

good luck!

Comment by caitlin

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