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The Cowboys of Colorado by Katie
January 13, 2010, 5:53 pm
Filed under: Katie

Back in the day (the hundred years ago day), Colorado was the wild, wild west and there are definitely times I still notice the cowboy roots.  My first day on the CSU campus, I actually asked my roommate if the guys I saw in cowboy hats, tight jeans, and boots were dressed for a special event.  She laughed at me and then laughed at me again when I got ready to go out for looking “too East coast and dressed up.”  I knew something was amiss when I took the longest to get ready.  I love the differences and I love that for once my “East coast style” stands out.  Though when I go back East, my friends say I look “Colorado.”  Whatever, I just dress in what I like and I definitely look like a total scrub most days on campus.

Wow that was a tangent.  Back to cowboys (is there a politically correct term?)! For example, when Kelli visited and we went to a “club” that mixes country western music with hip-hop.  There are many men with cowboy hats, boots, and big buckles in the crowds.  Kelli was a big fan.

Every year, the National Western Stock Show comes to Denver though I have never went.  Last year, I went to a trunk show at Cry Baby Ranch while the Stock Show was in town and saw lots of rich cowboys and girls/ ranchers.

Since the chances of me moving back to the East Coast this summer are very high, I decided to check out this Stock Show I have heard so much about.  Tonight, I am going to the Bull Riding competition!  It is such a shame I don’t have a real camera at this time! I am guessing there will be real barbecue involved as dinner as opposed to my healthy version of last night.


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