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Weekend Recap by Kelli
January 11, 2010, 7:30 pm
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Whoa I am a bad blogger! This weekend was crazy busy. We got a TON done and I finally feel caught up on everything since coming back from vacation.

Friday night started out with our weekly date night. We went to my favorite Mexican place in Hartford called Agave. They have the most amazing  guac that gets made by hand right at your table

I had the shrimp-dilla for my entrée. I asked for less cheese than normal and extra shrimp. It wasnt greasy and was perfect 🙂 I ended up eating about half of it.

Saturday I woke up and went to a 10 AM bikram class. The heat really got to me on Saturday, much more than it usually does. It felt very good to be able to get through the class though! I was definitely challenged and felt good to meet it head on. When I got home I whipped up a quick protein packed lunch.

Shrimp, sauteed spinach, and white beans. Delish!

With a pom cocktail on the side 🙂 (blueberry pom juice and soda water. I’m a rebel)

For Christmas Stephen’s grandparents gave us money for a new chair for our living room. We currently have a really nice couch that is right next to a folding fabric chair that was in Stephen’s frat dorm room. Ew. We were actually able to find a chair that supports his back (Stephen has a bulged disc in his lower back), looks nice, and that is comfortable. I was shocked!

The rest of Saturday we ran a ton of errands. When we came home I completely cleaned the whole place and did laundry. We also took down the Christmas tree 😦 Our house is officially de-Christmas’d . So sad to see the holiday over so soon. Every year I try to tell myself that I’m really going to take in the holidays and enjoy them. I, of course, always enjoy the holidays but they just always seem to fly by.

Sunday morning I woke up for a 5 mile run with sprint intervals. After a 5 minute warm up I did 20 intervals of sprinting for 45 seconds and recovering for 90 seconds. Great workout 🙂

Sunday night I made a shrimp stir fry that Stephen loved! Shrimp, brocoli, snow peas, yellow peppers, and red onion. Sauteed in soy sauce and organic chicken broth. I was able to enjoy the left overs for lunch today!

Well I’m off to do a workout video!!! Hope you all had a great monday!!!


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ah! i need to get to another bikram class sometime soon! i wish they weren’t so dang expensive. love that fresh guac! enjoy your workout video girl

Comment by julie

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