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Care packages and the “11 foods you do(n’t) eat” by Katie
January 10, 2010, 7:46 pm
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What a productive day!  John and I went to the (fancy pants) Cherry Creek area of Denver because I had two things on my mind: eye liner sharpener and frozen yogurt.  I also found some fun little gifts to send to another friend of ours- Katie C, or ktc as I text it.  She had a rather awful week and as I am pretty far from my friends geographically, I feel so helpless when I can’t just give them a hug after a bad day.  Since words can only do so much when someone loses a relative or breaks up with a boyfriend or anything painful, I like to think of a little care package as a hug in a box!

In college, we were roommates all 4 years (and with Kelli + 4 other girls senior year!) and we were known as “The Katies.”  Since she doesn’t know about the blog yet…

  • Chocolate with a love poem inside

  • Happy tea

  • Funny book

  • Cute tissues

Between all this shopping, I had my lunch in reverse- fro yo first and soup second.  This was my first experience at chill-in. My bowl with plain yogurt, lots of raspberries, and some brownie crumbles.

John’s bowl with pomegranate sorbet, kiwis, and pineapple.   So perfectly tropical, it would be fabulous to eat this on a beach.  Someday…!

After we walked around the mall for awhile, John wanted Cinnabon.   No thanks.  Even though I’ve always known they must have tons of crazy-ass chemicals and shuggah, they always smell sooo delicioso.  This time, I was surprised that I didn’t even want a bite, it actually looked rather unappealing. Weird?  I guess my taste buds are changing it up!   He said: “aren’t you going to take a picture of what I eat?”  So for your viewing pleasure..

We stopped in at Whole Foods so I could grab the chocolate + tea for the care package and I ended up getting some soup that reined me in with the name and smell. Some sort of Hungarian cabbage soup with a tomato base.  I love cabbage and sauerkraut!

Speaking of cabbage, I came across this article in NY Times called “The 11 Best Foods You Aren’t Eating” which includes beets, cabbage, swiss chard, cinnamon, pomegranate juice, dried plums, pumpkin seeds, sardines, turmeric, frozen blueberries, and canned pumpkin.  Well NY Times, why jump to conclusions?? Give me some credit, cause I most certainly do eat these! The only one I don’t think I’ve eaten recently is sardines.  They suggest smashing sardines and schmearing on toast.  Uh, gross.

Also accomplished today: an almost finished copy of my manuscript which will likely become a published paper someday me hopes (too many qualifiers in the statement?) and successfully transferring files from my old and dying computer to a brandy-new Christmas gift external hard drive (thanks John!).

For dinner, we are going to rectify the severely-lacking Asian-inspired dinner of yesterday by going to Thai Basil, which we KNOW is great and reasonably priced. I’m assuming my pictures won’t turn out since I refuse to use flash.  My BlackBerry camera is already enough to make you suffer through, I won’t add in the creepy flash.

Have a great Monday!



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