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My shoe has a tumor by Katie
January 9, 2010, 4:14 pm
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This morning I woke up to a nice sunshine-y day and a forecast for temperatures almost reaching 50!  I started out in a great mood, straightening up John’s room, eating a Kind bar, and then heading to the gym.

This strawberry flavor was very sweet, almost too much for the early morning.  I checked the ingredients and there are some added sugars, which I think they could have done without, but I ate it nonetheless.

I like magazines for workout ideas but almost never do their whole “plan.”  Plus, they always have to much to choose from: do I want Killer Abs or Movie Star Arms or the Best Body Ever?  Today I gave Women’s Health’s the Best Workout for Your Body Type a try.  I picked the athletic type since I’m basically a rectangle with boobs or in their words, I have “broad shoulders and narrow hips.”   I started with the Monday workout and accidentally did the cardio intervals before the strength workout, but does it matter? Summary of my workout:

  • I did the sprints at 8.0 mph and recovered at 6.0 mph, both at a 1.0 incline (I think 0 incline is seriously downhill)
  • Around sprint #7 my back started aching but of course I didn’t do the smart thing and stop
  • Cooled down walking hills for 7 minutes
  • Bent over to pick up my bag and OUCH- what did I do to my back??
  • Stretched and did the 1st 3 strength exercises plus some ab work, which didn’t hurt at all
  • Got bored and irritated because the gym was packed and I had to wait for equipment and space
  • Left the gym
  • Turned to look before I reversed my car and got the worst twinge of lower back pain ever

On Thursday after I ran, I mentioned my back was sore but not painful. Now it’s painful.  Since I don’t think it has to do with my form, I’m guessing it’s my way-too-old shoes.  I inspected the one that had a hole on the inner heel which I duct taped a few months ago (duh Katie, you think you need new shoes??) and now there is a huge lump growing on the inside heel area.  Shoe tumor! I think the cushioning is getting messed up and in turn causing me to do something a little funky and hurt my back.

I know which pair I want next because I tried them on at the Boulder Running Company so now I better actually buy ’em.

After the gym, I ate my 1/2 apple + Greek yogurt + almond butter that I packed yesterday.

I showered, got ready, and drove down to John’s parents.  They’re remodeling their basement and asked John and I to hang around while the builders worked and they ran around picking out fixtures.  Lunch was another hummus and veggie sandwich.

I’ve been in an irritable mood because of my back so I’m going to try to shake that mood by doing thesis work…?

Good luck to all the bloggers that are running in the Disney half and full marathons!!! I can’t wait to hear your recaps :)!



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