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Taco, Taco, Taco by Katie
January 8, 2010, 11:08 am
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Anyone remember the little parrots in the movie Paulie (around 20 seconds)? I say it like the birdies.  If you didn’t guess, tacos were my brekkie.

I started sauteing one mushroom with the smallest garlic clove I could find and a little bit of onion.

Added in 2 scrammed eggs + S&P + red pepper flakes..

Cooking eggs aren’t the prettiest thing to post about.  At the end of cooking my scrambles, I always reduce the heat to the very lowest it can go and put a lid on.  My dad told me this trick for fluffing up omelets.

Meanwhile, microwave some frozen corn tortillas.  Add the eggs, Greek yogurt in place of sour cream, a little chopped avocado, and Frontera salsa.  I like this salsa a lot as a topping on salads, eggs, sammies, and the like but not so much with just chips.

One of the taco shells was really hard and stale tasting so I just ate the eggs out of it and had one real taco.   After breakfast, I got to work on making some snacks and lunches for today and the weekend.

Sandwich on Ezekiel with:

  • Mushroom
  • Tomato
  • Sprouts
  • Cucumber
  • Avo
  • Cedar’s Garlic Hummus (oh yeah, don’t eat this right before the gym..)

One for today, one for tomorrow.  I used hummus on both bread slices to make all those veggies “stick.”  Not sure how the actual eating will go, I’m assuming it will be quite a mess.

For 2 snacks (one today, one tomorrow), I chopped a big Fuji apple and split it between two containers and split what was left of my Oikos between the two.  Add in a big spoonful of almond butter.. is it snack time yet?  I haven’t had almond butter in 2+ weeks.

The ‘one for today, one for tomorrow’ is because I’ll be with John in Denver.  He has to work mornings some weekends and this is one them.  While he works, I will be doing some thesis writing and I will thank myself tomorrow for packing up some food.

This afternoon, I want to get to the gym again.  I am feeling my run/walk yesterday, especially in my lower back.  Just soreness, not painfulness, but I’ve never had that happen before.   Iowa Girl mentioned yesterday that she was going to challenge herself to 3 continuous weekend gym days and I jumped on that bandwagon.  Usually if I get there, I am motivated. It’s just the matter of getting there when it’s less than 0°F and even walking to my car sounds mis.

Have a great Friday!



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