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Back to the ‘Rado by Katie
January 6, 2010, 9:49 pm
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As I mentioned in my previous post, I left my camera behind with my parents to be exchanged for something that will work better for my uses.  Therefore, we are back to BlackBerry pictures!

I was not hungry when I arrived at the Rochester airport but my mom kept talking about how she hadn’t had an egg McMuffin in forever.  She jokingly asked if I could toss one back after I got through airport security.  Remember the days when people could come to the gate with you?!  When I arrived at the Chicago airport, I rushed to my next gate and had 10 minutes until boarding.  Guess what happened to be right next to my gate? McDonalds.  Guess what I ate?  It wasn’t as good as I remembered but still hit the spot.

When I got to the Denver airport, I had about an hour until I could catch a bus to meet John’s dad (only person not working at 10 AM!).  I was so hungry again and needed change for the bus so I bought an Udi’s bakery sandwich.  I always want to try their breads but haven’t!  My sandwich was a perfect size- like how I would make a sandwich at home, not what you usually get for takeout.  It had lettuce, brie cheese, a few slices of turkey, honey mustard, and apply slices on cranberry walnut bread. Yum!

As soon as I got to John’s parents, I took a long nap until John got done with work.  Since I had eaten at about 7 AM EST and 11 AM EST, I was SO ready for dinner after my nap and traveling back to John’s house.  Since he just returned from NYC the night before, he had no food and we ended up at a nearby favorite, Pasquini’s.

We started off with complimentary garlic-y, parmesan-y breadsticks and a glass of house happy hour wine that was really good!

I ordered vegetable lasagna but ate only a little bit, I was full after breadsticks and a house salad.  It was very good, not too much cheese, and lots of spinach and mushrooms.  I tried for a picture but the lighting was not working with me and it looked like a blurry red blob.  I totally forgot to bring it back to Fort Collins with my this AM too! I hope John eats the leftovers, I hate hate hate to waste perfectly good food.

What a day full of restaurant eating!

I got a great night of sleep and drove back to Fort Collins for work this AM :(.


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