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Back to Life, Back to Reality by Katie
January 6, 2010, 10:17 pm
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On my drive from Denver to Fort Collins, I made a Whole Foods pit stop since, you know, it was on the way… I had NO food at my house and no time to grocery shop prior to getting to my office.  I was pleasantly surprised to find a steel-cut oats bar at WF!

I added dried goji berries, cacao nibs, strawberries, flax seed, and acai sauce (??).  I never heard of that before but of course added it and it was SO good. Must find this.

I picked up a frozen meal that was on sale to have for lunch.  This was my first time trying tempeh and I really liked it! I think I liked the texture better than tofu but it was covered in BBQ sauce deliciousness.

I wrote out a very long to-do list at work and checked off a bunch after work.  I really, really planned to go to the gym and wanted to but after my drive home in crazy snow and almost sliding into a minivan, I decided to go home after my grocery trip and stay off the streets.  Since I couldn’t get to the gym, I did some light lifting (I only have 5 lb weights) and cleaned and mopped vigorously!

Glorious food:

Fresh veggies and fruits

Speaking of cleaning, maybe I should get to this drawer!

For dinner, I wanted to try a vegetarian chili recipe I found from Cooking Light.   I knew it would be awhile so I made a salad inspired by my sandwich yesterday: romaine, a quarter of a Fiji apple, and a tad bit of brie cheese with red wine vinagrette.  The dressing was just okay with this combination.

I assembled all the ingredients to make the chili.  My modifications to the recipe were no bulgur, added white mushrooms, and added a cup of yellow corn.

I started doing some chop chop with onion and pepper. WAH my eyes!

I started sauteeing these and added garlic, cumin, chili powder, and oregano.  It instantly started to smell just like chili.

After adding all the other ingredients, I brought the whole pot to a boil and then reduced it and simmered for a little more than 20 minutes.  Meanwhile, I made an avocado salsa for a topping.  This was my favorite part!

The finished chili was very thin, though tasty! I wish it was a little thicker, not sure how I would accomplish that.  There are TONS of leftovers too.  I topped a cup of the chili with two tablespoons of Greek yogurt and a heaping scoop of the avocado salsa.

I would give this recipe about a 7/10 for a soup.  I felt it was missing something, maybe I should have used the bulgur?  I would give the avocado salsa a 10/10! I loved that, I might go mix a little of that with Greek yogurt and eat with a few chips.

I also enjoyed a glass of red wine while I unpacked my suitcase to make my least favorite activity more enjoyable.

One of the big liquor stores in Fort Collins, Wilbur’s, has weekly e-mail specials that I signed up for.  They routinely have bottles of wine for 50% off and it is a great way to try new wines that are more expensive than I would usually buy for everyday usage.  This was very good and light, not too much tannin.

The floors are calling my name, they are SO dirty and gross!  See ya tomorrow!



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I love Wilbur’s – great deals. I spend too much $ in there though so I try to stay away.

Comment by Graze With Me

I know! I try to decide what I’m gonna buy before I go in or else it’s just like going to the grocery store hungry with no list. The Whole Foods/ Wilbur’s combo can be dangerous on the wallet.

Comment by kandkfood

The chili sounds really good. The bulgur probably would have made it thicker, but I made mine with more beans….lots of beans, and it was pretty thick. Cooking it longer would probably make it thicker too I’m thinking.

Comment by Madelyn

[…] was another repeat, chili I made and froze awhile ago.  I thought of making it just so I could use up avocado and I completely […]

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