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Beef- It’s what’s for dinner by Katie
January 5, 2010, 10:18 pm
Filed under: Dinner, Katie

We’re both back and ready to get this party blog started for real.  Here is a quick recap of my disappearing act:

– Left for NYC and realized I did not bring the cable to transfer pictures from my new camera to my computer

– Had a ton of fun in NYC and decided I want to find a job there or Boston after I graduate

– Realized my new camera does not take great pictures indoors or close-up so stopped using it so I could return it

– Took approximately no pictures 😦

– Drove through a blizzard back to Rochester for a nerve-racking, steering wheel-gripping 8 hours (should have been 5)

– Said my good-byes and hopped on a plane back to Colorado with no delays

Monday was my last full day at home so I started off having brunch with my dad and sister.  I had a fun variation on eggs benedict: English muffin topped with black beans, two poached eggs, salsa, and just a sprinkle of cheese.  It was nice that they used a reasonable amount of cheese like I would use at home.

For dinner, I requested an old and not so healthy favorite.  My step-dad makes some intense meatloaf, which is stuffed with ham and swiss cheese.  Basically a heart attack on a plate, no?

I hope you like your meat!

Some broccoli made an appearance, spiced with garlic and red pepper.

And some Italian bread fresh from Wegmans.

I didn’t have much bread, there was so much else to fill up on.

Tomorrow, I will be recapping my travels and later, Kelli and I will have the next installment of  “2 for 1” with our New Year’s resolutions!



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