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My new haircut by Katie
December 28, 2009, 4:29 pm
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Yikes, I am making a pre-New Year’s resolution to blog everyday.  I have been going out or over to relative’s so often though and I am not always comfortable taking pictures.  So since today is a new day, I have been diligent in my picture capturing!

I was up late last night hanging out with friends and  we tried this awful sparkling wine (it photographed well though).  It tasted like dill of all things and after a sip, we dumped it out.  Instead, I had a vodka with Fresca and a splash of orange juice. It was a nice little drink!

I finally slept in after such a late night!  I woke up and made a yummy, light breakfast of half a banana, yogurt swirled with pumpkin and cinnamon, and topped with a little bit of granola.

A little later, I had a piece of warm beer bread with this incredible garlic-bleu cheese butter my step-dad makes.  One for me, one for him.

After catching up on some blog reading and work, I hit the “gym.” You’re probably jealous.

The rug used to be in my college dorm room and it made me feel like I was in Florida with Kelli ;).  By the way, Kelli has been at Disney and thus not able to post (no computer).

I did a workout routine I found in Men’s Health.  I got my step-dad a subscription last year and I love catching up on them when I’m home.  There are a lot of standard moves like squats, lunges, bicep curls, etc but this variation on an incline chest press is great.  Instead of starting with the arms bent in, start with arms extended.

Then, bring one arm in at a time.  One arm is always extended and it’s a challenge!  My favorite arm exercise is shoulder presses because I think it makes me look buff :-p.

I haven’t been doing any cardio since I’ve been home due to weather so I ran up and down the basement stairs while I listened to “She Wolf” and “3.” The puppy started chasing me and once he started trying to bite my shoe laces it turned into sprinting up and down!  After my workout, I reheated leftover whole wheat pasta with garlic, olive oil, and broccoli.  After that, I ate a clementine… and a cookie.

We’re having family over for dinner tonight but I will try to take as many pictures as I can.  The menu includes salad, chicken french, regular and whole wheat homemade gnocci, and bread with garlic-bleu cheese butter.

New Haircut

One final part- I had my hair long and blonde all through college and have slowly been going darker and shorter but this was a bolder change.  First pictures is right after college, middle is from this summer, and last is today.  Unfair advantage for the blonde hair since I was also tan in those pictures haha. I haven’t had it this short or this dark since I cut my hair for locks of love in high school.  This is much, much closer to my natural color.   Thoughts?!


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Your hair cut is SO cute!!!! You can pull off short hair 400x better than I can.

To answer your question, I was thinking of just getting a trim (which usually ends up as 3 inches) as per usual. I flipped up my hair to see what it would look like as a bob and it was fun, but my hair is kinda thick and my face is kinda round for a bob ya know?

Your hair is so purty!

Comment by Allie (Live Laugh Eat)

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